Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Books That Influenced My Life

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owl sitting next to a stack of books. reading glasses have been photoshopped onto the owl's face.Doesn’t this photo feel like it came from a scene in a fantasy novel? I will be talking about a fantasy series today so it does fit the theme of this post.

The Hiding Place: The Triumphant True Story of Corrie Ten Boom by Corrie ten Boom.

I don’t know if this is the right Corrie ten Boom book, but my parents owned a book written by her that talked about her childhood, experiences in concentration camps, and journey to forgiveness after the end of World War II. It was a heartbreaking read at times, but her stories about surviving those years made me a more empathetic person.

The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

I was a few years older than the target age group for Harry Potter, but I loved them anyways. They were a wonderful distraction and a much-needed source of hope from a long struggle with childhood depression I dealt with shortly before the first book came out.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff … and it’s all small stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life by Richard Carlson.

Reading this book helped me begin to sort out my thoughts when I worried about stuff that was either out of my control or not as serious as my brain was making it out to be.

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King.

This is the most helpful book on writing I’ve ever come across. It’s still something I return to every few years.

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  1. Good choices, all! I’d forgotten about Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff … and it’s all small stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life by Richard Carlson. I loved that book … I should give it to my kid, who sweats ALL the stuff.

    I’m here today:

  2. Of all the holocaust books and movies this is the one with the most uplifting message. Most are just to make people appalled at what happened and this one shows how people reacted and lived or died with dignity.

  3. Harry Potter influenced so many. I love it. I loved that Rowling patterned Hagrid after a big burly biker she’d seen while riding the trains and opted to make this seemingly scary person not so scary because he’s really not. He just looks it. Good list!

  4. Thanks for coming by earlier… and great choices! I loved The Hiding Place… what an awesome book that was! I’m WAY older than the target group for Harry and the gang, but I swear those books are timeless and are for all ages. Ditto on Stephen King’s On Writing. Always pick up something new when I look into it.

  5. Wow, great list, I too found inspiration from the Harry Potter books, Stephen Kings book and Don’t Sweat the Small stuff. Thanks for sharing! Here’s mine

  6. On Writing is a fabulous book. I was waaaaaaaaaaay far into my adult years when Harry Potter emerged, but I still loved them all. 🙂

  7. Great choices (and again, I love how individual and idiosyncratic everybody’s answers are)!

    My post is here.

  8. Sam@wlabb

    I always see these posts, but I never feel like any book has impacted my life. I think it’s wonderful you have found so much books that you connected with on that high a level.

  9. I have a copy of The Hiding Place but still have not been able to bring myself to read it. I found that after my daughter was born, I could no longer handle the horrific savagery of the Holocaust. I will get to it eventually. Just, not yet.

  10. All good choices!

    As for being a little older than the Harry Potter demographic…I began reading Harry Potter around age 30. Both my parents, now in their 70’s, love the series. It definitely speaks beyond its intended age range 🙂

  11. I love the Harry Potter books. They hold a special place for many people, I think. 🙂
    The owl book picture is awesome, btw.

  12. I’ll have to try the Stephen King one – that looks fascinating.

  13. I love seeing these posts. It’s wonderful to see what books inspire and influence a person.

  14. The Harry Potter series has definitely impacted my life! I essentially grew up with the characters (we were always the same age when the book’s released), and it’s a series I go back to often. I’ve read them to my kids, re-read them just for myself, and pop a movie in whenever I’m working around the house.

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

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