Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Topics I Never Get Tired of Talking About

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Wow, I came up with a lot of answers this week.

I love discussing:

Bicycle leaning up against a mural of two children riding a bike so that it looks like they're riding a real bikeHistory. The most interesting parts of it are the ones that chronicle how ordinary people live and how medical care has evolved and improved over the centuries in my opinion.

Art. If you want to talk about the possible meanings for a piece, I’ll happily jump into that conversation.

Ghost Stories. Whether they’re fictional or based on the personal accounts of real people, I find all of this stuff fascinating.

Fitness. I enjoy hearing about types of exercise folks do or don’t like and why. For example, I’ve never been able to get into jogging, but I love yoga, dancing, and weightlifting.

Astronomy. My favourite subjects here generally revolve around space exploration, the possibility of sending people to Mars, and the discoveries of new planets.

Food. Cooking, meal planning, the latest scientific understandings of good nutrition, and even the history of various foods/dishes all catch my attention.

Archeology. Learning how different groups of people lived hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of years ago is always interesting to me. We’re such an adaptable species in general.


24 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Topics I Never Get Tired of Talking About

  1. I agree with you on the ghost stories. They always make my skin prickle. I dated a guy once who was super into that kind of stuff. We went ghost hunting in a graveyard. It was creepy.

  2. That’s a really great list of topics. (I, um, didn’t actually put up an answer this week; but that’s at least partly because I’m sort of in the mood where I’m tired of talking about everything.)

  3. I love love ghost stories! I’m fascinated by all things spooky and have a daily alert set up for the Mysterious Universe website to feed my need for spookiness!

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