Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: What My Last Meal Would Be

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This week’s prompt was an easy one. I’m going with my favourite foods.

Lasagna on black plate with a sprig of a green plant on the food.Lasagna (dairy-free, of course!)


Chocolate almond milk

Lemon meringue pie

Dairy-free mint chocolate chip ice cream

Since it’s the last meal I’m going to eat, you’d better believe I’ll be picking two of my favourite sweets as dessert!


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14 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: What My Last Meal Would Be

  1. Hey, if you’re going out, go with style and what you like. 🙂

  2. Lemon meringue pie! Can you make your own? I tried once and failed miserably.😂

    • I’ve never tried to make my own. I’m not great at making pies in general.

      But someday I’ll try again, and I’m impressed that you’ve already tried to make lemon meringue pie!

  3. I forgot to add dessert to mine, and now I’m sad. I do love lasagna. And there’s no dessert I wouldn’t try!

  4. Two desserts for the last meal, absolutely. Lasagna is always a good choice.

  5. Oh, that does look yummy! And definitely double-up on deserts.

  6. I like the way you think! If you know it’s going to be your last meal, there’s no harm in overindulging! (I would have multiple favorite desserts at my last meal, too.)

  7. Ooh, mint chocolate chip ice cream – I love it!

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