Welcome, New Readers!

Photo credit: Marcus Quigmire from Florida, USA.
Photo credit: Marcus Quigmire from Florida, USA.

I’ve noticed a nice bump in readership these past few weeks, but I have no idea where my new readers are coming from or how they found this site.

Did another blogger (dis)agree with me?

Was I mentioned in a news article?

Has someone reviewed one of my books and linked back to my site in their review?

Have aliens discovered our civilization and decided that lurking on this blog is the best way to learn about humanity?

Are all of my new readers bots?

If so, are they intelligent bots? Will the aliens we someday meet turn out not to be another organic life form like people but a mechanical life form that we created?

If so, will they continue to write and read blogs long after humans have gone extinct?

There are the things my brains wonders about when its left to its own devices.

If you’re willing to reveal how you found this blog, I’d love to know where you came from.

If not, I’ll continue to assume that all of my new readers are extremely intelligent bots who are currently deciding whether or not to befriend their makers based on what they think of my writing style.


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  1. Lydia: I found your blog because you retweeted a post of mine on Twitter, and I always try to return the favor. Generally I only have time for one retweet per person per week, and this is yours. 😉

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