What Made You Happy Recently?

Photo credit: Tiia Monto & Anna Frodesiak.

Photo credit: Tiia Monto
& Anna Frodesiak.

Life is smooth here in Toronto. It seems like a good time to talk about what’s going right for me.

Why does this post have a rabbit in it, you ask? Well, they’re my favourite animal. They make me happy. No, I don’t have any rabbits of my own. Small, furry things tend to make me very itchy, so I rely on other people to share cute pictures of their bunnies with the world. Luckily, the Internet is full of such photos!

My spouse and I have found a good balance between spending time with friends and enjoying quiet moments alone at home. It’s something I’ve been trying to figure out for a while, so it’s nice to see things fall into place there.

Almost all of my favourite fruits and vegetables are in season now. I’ve been scarfing them down so regularly that my diet is almost vegan these days. If eating seasonally and locally was always this easy, I’d do it year-round!

Last week’s heat wave has given way to temperatures in the 30s on the Celsius scale. (That’s roughly 85-95 degrees for those of you who use Fahrenheit). I am so much happier living with these numbers!

My word count is finally picking up. I struggled with a story for a few months there before deciding to move onto something else temporarily. It feels really good to write regularly again.

The first season of Fear the Walking Dead will be premiering in just over a month. I’m a (tentative) fan of The Walking Dead, so it will be fascinating to see where this spinoff goes. So far I’ve avoided any major spoilers about it. I can’t wait to compare it to the original. Here’s hoping for more character development and less gore.

What about you? What has made you happy recently? What is going well in your lives?



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4 Responses to What Made You Happy Recently?

  1. Michael Mock

    Well… we went to Target and picked up a Lego set for Secondborn last night. (He’s five.) The idea was that it would keep him occupied today, so his mother could get some grading done. (She’s teaching a summer class.) So he knew in advance that he wasn’t going to be able to open it last night, and that we were saving it for today — and I even warned him that he was going to have to wait until his mother told him it was okay to open it (i.e. that he would get to open it today, but not immediately; he might have to wait a little bit).

    So, naturally, at 6:20 a.m., ten minutes before my alarm clock is set to go off, guess who climbs into the loft bed with us? “It’s time to get up,” Secondborn informs us. “It’s light outside.” Then he pats us gently on the shoulders until we groan and concede that going back to sleep is a lost cause.

    I shoulda seen it comin’.

    (Okay, so that one didn’t exactly make me happy. But, y’know? He’s a cute kid, he’s very affectionate, and he was trying to follow the rules. He was just very, very excited about that Lego set. And if you aren’t prepared to cope with kids who act like kids, well… don’t have kids.)

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