What Should I Blog About Next?

pexels-photo-47446-largeI’m running low on blogging ideas at the moment. This sometimes happens during the summer, but for some reason it still catches me by surprise.

What would you like to see me talk about in the near future? I’m open to just about anything!


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2 Responses to What Should I Blog About Next?

  1. Michael Mock


    What are your favorite funny songs?

    What is the secret plan for Canadian World Domination?


    What’s your favorite mythological creature?

    If one of your friends turned out to be an alien hailing from the general vicinity of Betelgeuse, and offered to help you hitch a ride on the next spaceship to drop by, would you go?

    Who’s winning the millennia-old struggle for ascendancy: the cats, the squirrels, the sheep — or some other species entirely?

    Read any good books lately?

    Do you watch any sports? Which ones and why?

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? And do they take a holiday on February 2nd?

    Given the choice, would you rather face a U.S. Presidential Election Season, or a full-on Zombie Apocalypse?

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