Why You Should Be Listening to The Alexxcast

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The Alexxcast is a podcast by my Twitter friend, Alexx. I love the description of it he has on his blog, so I’ll repost part of it here for my readers:

I, and my rotating cast of guests, discuss forteana, books, mysticism, booze, metaphysics, spirituality, movies, writing and other random nonsense. 

Listening to the Alexxcast for me is like eavesdropping on someone else’s fascinating conversation without having to pretend that I can’t hear what they’re saying for the sake of politeness.

(Yes, I am an unrepentant eavesdropper, but I never repeat what I hear or mention it to the people who had that conversation again. Your secrets are safe with me. Ha!)

For those of you who aren’t yet intrigued, here are seven other reasons why you should give this podcast a try:

  1. He is extremely active on social media. I don’t know about you, but I have a strong preference for online personalities who are closely connected to their audiences. If a podcaster, blogger, or Youtuber responds when I ask a question, I get excited. It’s cool to have that kind of friendly relationship with a web celebrity.
  2. He is open to suggestions and audience questions. There have been times when he’s asked his followers what the topic should be for his next show. When people reply with ideas, he takes them seriously even if they’re not stuff he’d typically talk about. I really like that openness to new ideas and perspectives. It keeps a podcast fresh.
  3. He is intelligent and well-read. While I definitely don’t agree with all of his ideas, it’s always thought-provoking to see how he’s come to his conclusions and why he thinks the way he does. Alexx makes me think about why I believe the things I do and stretches my mind.
  4. He is skeptical.  If you told him the sky was blue and cloudless today, he’d go confirm it for himself before assuming it was true. I deeply respect people like that.
  5. He is totally honest. If something is shitty, he won’t beat around the bush. He’ll tell you exactly why he thinks it horrible, when it devolved in something that deserved to be described as feces, and what should be done to fix it.
  6. He knows how to follow a rabbit trail. Not everyone is capable of continuing to be funny and interesting when they wander away far from what they were supposed to be talking about, but Alexx is one of those people.
  7. He can talk about anything. Someday I’m going to fully test this theory, but I have a strange feeling that he could make a podcast out of even the most loosely connected concepts. If I asked him to find the link between sharks and people who use Ouija boards to speak to the dead, he’d somehow be able to come up with a great story about how those two things are connected.

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