Wild Card Wednesday: Winter 2013 Questions

Search engine questions from the winter of 2013. 

Why is it hard moving away from the city? Many people prefer to stay in the same environment they knew growing up. There are very real cultural differences between living in a small town and a big city and not everyone is comfortable leaping from one to the other.

What other hobbits had adventures? The ones on the Isle of Flores.

[Does] access to internet allow people to think? From what I’ve seen the Internet amplifies existing personality traits. Someone who asks intelligent questions in real life will almost certainly be the same way online.

How do you like the idea of celebrating family holidays in a restaurant? The concept is intriguing but I’ve rarely seen it executed smoothly. Restaurants are quite busy on the holidays which decreases food quality and customer service.  I participate in these dinners occasionally because other people like them but would never organize one myself. There are so many better ways to spend time together.

Is a Craiglist strictly platonic relationship with a married man okay? Only if his husband or wife is ok with it. Craiglist’s definition of that word seems to be friends with benefits.

How do you to get your elders to love you? Smile and nod when they repeat the same story over and over again. Buy them dark chocolate. Pose for pictures. If they don’t like dark chocolate share it with me instead. I love anyone who goes out of their way to find dairy-free desserts! 🙂

Do I have to apologize for blocking someone? Of course not.

Has the Internet negatively impacted society by allowing people to anonymously spread misinformation? Only in the sense that it’s easier to share lies online. There have always been slanderous people in this world. I hope they keep gossiping if only so the rest of us know whom to avoid!

Preacher’s kids behind closed doors… are just like anyone else. It’s the pressure for us to be perfect that causes some PKs to rebel. The best thing you can do is to expect the same things from them as you would from anyone else that age.


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  1. tammy

    We had Christmas dinner downtown this winter, just us 2, after I worked day shift. It was quiet. but then downtown phoenix often is when govt offices are closed …

    • Interesting! All of the restaurants I’ve been to in Toronto during the holidays have been pretty busy. It’s one of the big reasons why I really don’t like eating out for Thanksgiving/Christmas/Mother’s Day etc. Why spend all of that money to sit in a noisy, crowded space and be served food that isn’t as good as usual by people who are dreadfully overworked?

      It’s such a silly concept!

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