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How to Restore a Broken Relationship

On Thursday I’ll be blogging a review of the new Hobbit movie. In the meantime this search term lead new readers here recently. I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist but I challenged myself to answer the question in exactly 50 words. What have I missed? 🙂 First you have to figure out what isn’t working… Read More

What is the Purpose of Gossip?

Someone found this blog recently through this question. Let’s talk about it. Gossip serves a couple of different purposes: It provides information about the target.  If what everyone is saying is true “gossip” may provide valuable knowledge about the character of the individual being discussed. I pay closer attention when multiple people tell the same story about… Read More

You Don’t Have to Like Everyone

Recently a friend and I had a conversation about the difference between treating others with respect and liking them as people. My friend was worried about disliking someone they knew for what I consider to be quite valid reasons. I reassured my friend that it’s ok not to like everyone you meet.  After all, friendship… Read More

The Secrets We Keep

Secrets are on my mind this summer for two reasons. Reason #1: Let’s take a trip back to the 90s. When I was a teenager my parents were a little touchy about secular music. We were eventually allowed to listen to it but they were particular about lyrical content for a long time. A few… Read More

A One Hour Trip? That’s Too Far Away!

Seven years ago when I moved from Ohio to Ontario travelling wasn’t a burden. I’d spent the previous eleven years living in a small town. Going almost anwhere – church, the grocery store, school, the gas station – required a vehicle. Sidewalks existed mostly in the older sections of town and not all of them… Read More

You Are Not a Guru

  I really don’t like wearing it but I have to do it… she said with a soft sigh. Somehow the conversation had tumbled into all of the stuff women do to look presentable – high heels, makeup, shaving. What I wanted to say: So stop wearing it! It’s your body, your decision. Why waste… Read More

Is Forgiveness Without an Apology Really Forgiveness?

Is forgiveness without an apology [really] forgiveness? Someone recently found this blog by typing that question into a search engine. I know I’ve mentioned this here before but the answer is yes. Forgiveness and reconciliation are not the same thing. At the bare minimum reconciliation requires an apology, a commitment to change and stitching your relationship – professional, romantic,… Read More

It’s Never Just Gossip

Originally posted on January 13, 2011. I haven’t been feeling well lately and am taking a short writing break while I recover. Let’s begin with a one-sentence working definition of gossip for the purpose of this post: saying or listening to information (true or otherwise) about someone that you wouldn’t feel comfortable participating in if… Read More