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4 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

December wasn’t an easy month for me. To be honest by the end of it I’d grown pretty grouchy and wavered between feeling guilty for letting stress affect me so much and bristling against the forced cheerfulness of the season. Sometimes, this process can be very subconscious. We won’t know why we’re being mean or… Read More

The Upside of Being a Hypocrite

Confession: I participated in a gift exchange this year. No, I still don’t celebrate Christmas (unless baking chocolate chip cookies somehow counts!) It was with a small group of people. Bowing out was not something that could have gone unnoticed. And I didn’t want to be the different one again. Too often I say no… Read More

They Don’t Belong Here

It was a cold, windy afternoon. While checking out some library books I heard a conversation heating up: “… and they could have bedbugs.” The woman anxiously jerked her grey curls to three men reading in the corner surrounded by their tattered backpacks and faded grocery bags. “Everyone is welcome here,” the clerk replied. “But… Read More

Choosing Friends, Choosing Enemies

This post is a response to Why Not Want to Like? Ever since this short poem was posted last week I’ve been mulling over why we like some people and dislike others. From the link: Why wouldn’t I want to try to like everybody I meet? This isn’t something I’ve discussed here before but everyone has what… Read More