10 Things to Like About Winter

Photo by Mdf.

Photo by Mdf.

Yes, I know that winter technically doesn’t begin for another month. Toronto has had a cold snap and a few light snowstorms this past week, though, so it’s difficult for me to look out the window and think autumn.

Pumpkin season has come and gone. It’s winter for the next 119 days as far as my mind and body are concerned.

Many years I grumble a little about all of the things I don’t like about the cold.

This year I decided to make a new list. This might not be my favourite season, but there are still good things to discover in it.

1. Watching snow fall is hypnotic. My youngest brother used to sit quietly on the couch and watch the snow fall down through our living room window. Kindergarten only took up half the day, so he had to wait a few hours before the rest of our elementary school was dismissed.

2. Being sick is a good excuse for a nap. It’s a nice escape from all of the sniffling.

3. Winter drinks taste better than summer ones. Hot chocolate. Apple cider.  Egg nog.  All delicious.

4. There’s no humidity. Anyone with naturally curly or wavy hair knows just how nice it is to have a break from the poof.

5. The New Year is a fresh start. It feels good to say goodbye to last year and embrace the new one. To me it’s kind of like turning to a fresh page in a blank book or rebooting your computer.

6. Baked goods are everywhere. Mmmm….Christmas cookies.

7. All the ragweed is dead. I’m sure there are some people who have horrendous winter allergies. (My sympathies are with you!) November-April is wonderful for my allergies because they rarely if ever cause an issue for me. It’s lovely.

8. A hot bath feels great. Nobody wants to soak in the tub in August, but it can be very cozy in January.

9. There are no mosquitos, wasps, or bumblebees. It’s refreshing to go to a park and not risk getting bitten or stung.

10. The sun (probably) won’t wake you up. A 5:30 am sunrise can wake me up during the summer. I’m naturally an early bird, but sometimes there’s a little too much of a good thing in June when the sun doesn’t set until 9 or 10 pm.

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