It Came from the Search Engine

Periodically I like share some of the more interesting search terms that lead new readers to this blog. Other than my regular Suggestion Saturday posts, this is the last new post of 2014. I’ll be reprinting my favourite posts from this past year over the next two weeks, and will be back to my regular posting schedule on Monday, January 5, 2015. Happy Holidays to all of my readers!

do all elders deserve respect?

forgiving husband ‘s brother ‘s wife who gossips about you.

how do you know when you shouldnt wear makeup

i forgive the abusive family i came from as a christian but i never want to see them again

in-laws want to mend fence without apology

my man left me for her and he isn’t even apologetic

how to forgive someone you believe is up to know good and pretends to care?

where did laura secord sleep on her 20 mile walk

why shouldn’t religions hide their values

How to get people in a groups to talk

mother in law injured child does she need to apologize

amazing facts about being quiet

my husband always doesn’t apologise when his done wrong or have hurt me

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