Saturday Seven: Fictional Food and Drinks I Want to Try

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How often do food descriptions in books make you hungry? This is something that happens to me regularly, especially if I happen to be reading a description of a delicious snack or meal right before it’s time to make my own dinner.

While most of my cravings can be satisfied by the same or similar dishes as the ones I’ve read about, some authors describe food and drinks that don’t actually exist in our universe at all. Their imaginations have created all kinds of stuff that I’m dying to taste. If only there were a way for me to really try them!

This is what I’d want to eat and drink first if I had a magic wand and could make imaginary food and drinks appear in our world.

1) Fizzing Whizzbees from J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.”

A Fizzing Whizzbee is a large sherbet ball that makes people who eat it float a few inches off of the ground.

Ever since I first read the description of this treat, I’ve been desperately wishing that our muggle society had the ability to make such a thing.

While there are non-magical versions of this snack out there, they’re obviously not going to make anyone float. A sherbet ball that doesn’t have that exciting side effect doesn’t sound quite so fun to me.

2) Lembas from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Fellowship of the Ring.”

There weren’t many parts of Samwise and Frodo’s perilous journey to Mount Doom that I wished I could have experienced, but eating lembas was a huge exception to this rule.

I love many of the kinds of bread that we humans are able to make, so I can only imagine how much better Elven bread would be. Imagine only needing to eat a few bites of it before you felt satisfied!

Elvish food also appeals to me quite a bit in general. I believe in choosing quality over quantity, and the elves seem to agree with me on this point. All of their feasts always sounded so high quality and delicious in the novels.

3) Tru Blood from Charlaine Harris’ “Dead Until Dark” (Book 1 of the True Blood series).

Tru Blood is a bottled, synthetic blood substitute that ethical vampires drink in this universe.

While I almost certainly wouldn’t be able to stand more than one sip of it, I’d love to know if it’s as unappetizing as certain vampires claim it is. It might taste better to a human.  Either way, I’d want to find this out for myself.

4) Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster from Douglas Adams’ “The HItchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

I haven’t tasted any alcohol in years, but I’d break that record for a small taste of this volatile and unbelievably strong drink.

The instructions for making it are as creative as they are alarming, so I would definitely stop after that first sip.

5) Ent-Draught from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Fellowship of the Ring.”

If only all of you knew how tempted I was to make this entire post about the meals in the Lord of the Rings trilogy!

Ent-draught is made by mixing river water with possibly magical ingredients that only Ents know about. There is one type of ent-draught that refreshes the tree people of this series and other type that nourishes them.

Merry and Pippin, two fully-grown hobbits, were once given this drink. They each grew a few inches taller after that experience, so I’m eager to see if what would happen if a human drank it.

6) Pale Purple Melon from Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games.”

The reference to this melon happened briefly and only once, so I’ll quote the section that mentions it to refresh the memories of everyone who has read this book:

While the table is empty, a long board off to the side has been laid with at least twenty dishes. A young man, an Avox, stands at attention by the spread. When I ask if I can serve myself, he nods assent. I load a plate with eggs, sausages, batter cakes covered in thick orange preserves, slices of pale purple melon. –  The Hunger Games, page 87.

Would pale purple melon taste anything like watermelon, cantaloupe, or muskmelon? I’d like to think it would be every bit as delicious as all three of those fruits. After possibly being grossed out by Tru Blood and Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, this would also be a nice change of pace.

7) Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstoppers from Roald Dahl’s “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

I enjoy the real-life version of this candy quite a bit, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to suck on a gobstopper that truly did last forever.

How about you? What fictional food and drinks do you wish you could try?


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8 Responses to Saturday Seven: Fictional Food and Drinks I Want to Try

  1. A funny … back in the 70s they came out with the candy “Everlasting Gobstopper”. I was so excited to buy one as Willie Wonka was the first movie I saw in a real theater. Imagine my disappointment when it actually dissolved. I imagine they’ve changed the name now (to just gobstopper, perhaps).

    Re: Hunger Games … at least you didn’t choose the drink they have in the Capital that makes you throw up! 🙂

  2. Yes, that must have been very disappointing for you. I don’t know if they’ve changed the name of Gobstoppers or not. I haven’t eaten them in ages.

    And I would definitely never choose the drink in the Capital that makes you vomit. I really don’t like throwing up. 🙂

  3. Oh how fun! What a great diversity of books. My book is not nearly as fun as gobstoppers. Actually I remember all of your foods which means we obviously have some reading in common.

    What about Kinsey Milhone’s baker friend, Henry, in all of Sue Grafton’s alphabet mysteries? Henry always seemed to have delicious breads or cream puffs or something right out of the oven when Kinsey came home. Sort of always made me run for a brownie or something when I read it. Do you suppose since we have sadly lost Sue Grafton that there will no longer be any Kinsey Milhone or none of Henry’s baking?

  4. Thank you, Kathy!

    I’ve never read Sue Grafton’s alphabet mysteries, but I’ve always heard good things about them. Your descriptions of her books are making me want to read them.

  5. Michele

    Oooh, you are adventurous!!
    Tru-blood? Cool!!

    Me, I’d like the Giggle Water from Fantastic Beasts by J.K.Rowling. That looks like FUN!
    The giggles without the intoxication effects. 🙂

    Love your list! I also like books that have actual recipes mentioned in the book itself. 🙂

  6. Thank you. I’d forgotten about Giggle Water. That would be quite the unforgettable experience.

    Whenever I read a book that has actual recipes listed in them, I feel compelled to try that recipe. It’s such a fun way to connect with the characters.

  7. What a fun list! I love books that have real recipes in them… gives just an extra dimension to reading the books.

  8. It sure does. Thanks for stopping by.

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