Suggestion Saturday: October 8, 2011

Here is this week’s list of blog posts, videos, photographs and other tidbits from my favourite corners of the web.

Strictly No Elephants. There’s a short story wiggling around somewhere in this photograph.

From Should Skepticism be Divorced from Values:

Skepticism is not just about rejecting other people’s false or unwarranted beliefs, even though for most people, that’s about all that it amounts to: “I’m skeptical of your claim; I’m a skeptic and I’m right — you’re not a skeptic and you’re wrong,” whether you’re talking about ghosts or UFOs or Bigfoot or CAM or any of the myriad other claims that attract skeptics’ attention.

The definition of skepticism as merely the rejection of others’ false beliefs doesn’t go far enough for me. I think skepticism is best when it is self-applied, and when it is not just used as a weapon to bonk others in the head.

 How to Write a Love Poem. Just in case you have a burning desire to write a sappy poem for that special someone in your life. 😉

Do You Think Most People Try to Take Advantage of You? Fascinating stuff.

Do yourself a favour –  take five minutes to watch this incredible video:

The City from WTK Photography on Vimeo.

If I celebrated Christmas 100 New Scientific Discoveries would be at the top of my wish list. It explains new discoveries from a wide variety of disciplines in terms that those of us without professional or academic experience in them can understand without “dumbing down” the material.

What have you been reading?



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5 Responses to Suggestion Saturday: October 8, 2011

  1. Twyseschoch

    I love how your blog automaticaly opens to the correct size for my smart phone.

  2. just got the book I ordered last week, “The Hunt for Zero Point” by Nick Cook.

  3. Loved that “taking advantage” chart.  I’m guessing that they only gave two options in India, or they just don’t understand scales.  It’s funny though, because the few people from India which I have met and worked with just about seemed that polar.  LOL!  I thought is was also kind of interesting that often when there was a spike of distrust, there was also a spike of complete trust, like Jordan, Mexico, and Mali.

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