Sweet Cocoon

This is a short film about two bugs who help a clumsy caterpillar get into her cocoon.

It has background music but no (human) dialogue. You can watch it with the sound turned off, although I really enjoyed hearing the bugs grumble and mutter in their insect language.

This story made me think of all of the ways people try to help each other. While I definitely have the occasional snarky moment after a brusque encounter with someone who was rude or unkind, I also believe that most of us are good most of the time.

The main characters in this film seem to agree with me on this point. I loved seeing them do what they could to make their world a slightly better place. Don’t let the animation fool you – this is written for adults more than it is for kids. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it for very young children at all. It’s really not something that was ever created for them, as cute as the bugs themselves may be.

Oh, and the ending was absolutely fantastic. I can’t say anything about it without giving away spoilers, but be sure to stick around for it. It was well worth the six minute investment.

What do you think? Are people naturally good? Why does everyone seem to think that animated films are always meant for children? How annoyed are you when someone shares spoilers before you get a chance to watch or read something?


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  1. tammy

    I remember no times in my entire life when a spoiler bothered me. This is one thing that I’ve never understood in others. Therefore I am the unintentional spoiler for others as I have no empathy in this regard. 🙂

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