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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Best Mother in a Book, Movie, or TV Show

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Mother holding child up with joy at a beach at sunset. My choice for this week’s prompt is Mrs. Dorothy Quimby from the Ramona Quimby series by Beverly Cleary.

Ramona and her older sister Beezus could be rambunctious and stubborn kids. Everything in their family was written from little Ramona’s perspective, and she didn’t always understand the world the way her parents or even her older sister did.

I loved seeing how patient, empathetic, and understanding Mrs. Quimby was with her daughters. When young Ramona decided she wanted to run away from home, Mrs. Quimby helped her pack her suitcase with everything a kid would need to survive to give the girl a chance to reconsider her decision. (It ended up being so heavy that little Ramona changed her mind).

She gave her daughters space to make their own decisions even if they didn’t always necessarily make the right ones. Her love for them was unconditional, and she had a wonderful sense of humour, too.

I only wish the author had written one of the books in this series from the mother’s point of view!


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