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The Problem with Food Drives

This was originally published on December 13, 2010. I’ve been sick the last few days but should  have a new post written for Thursday, September 27.  – Lydia From a recent poster at our apartment building about a food drive that the office staff hosts every December: “not all families and their children are as… Read More

Is Positive Thinking a Religious Cult?

Recently someone found this blog by typing this question into a search engine. Today I thought I’d answer it with another question : How do they respond to hard times? That is, imagine telling someone you know who believes in positive thinking that you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, are a victim of abuse or… Read More

You Don’t Have to Like Everyone

Recently a friend and I had a conversation about the difference between treating others with respect and liking them as people. My friend was worried about disliking someone they knew for what I consider to be quite valid reasons. I reassured my friend that it’s ok not to like everyone you meet.  After all, friendship… Read More

Can You Trust Your First Impressions?

“I like him,” I told Drew. “Something tells me he’s trustworthy and a good man.” The individual in question was someone to whom I’d just been introduced. We shook hands, said hello and that thirty-second interaction deeply impressed me. I know almost nothing about this person and yet I liked him immediately. This snap judgement… Read More

Three Questions About Earth Hour

This past Saturday millions of men, women and children turned off the lights to observe something called Earth Hour. I first heard about this phenomenon a few years ago. It’s a nobel idea but I have a few questions about how it works: 1) Why are we focusing on what individuals consume when most waste is created… Read More

Why Food Drives Are a Terrible Idea

All across America, charitable organizations and the food industry have set up mechanisms through which emergency food providers can get their hands on surplus food for a nominal handling charge. Katherina Rosqueta, executive director of the Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania, explains that food providers can get what they need for “pennies… Read More

Is Voting Worth It?

Recently I voted in a provincial election. (Canadians who slept through civics class and everyone else who isn’t familiar with our electoral system, click here.) I have such mixed feelings about it. A vote is such a small thing. The person I voted for is not going to win based on my ballot alone. And no… Read More

The Deconversion Guide: Debates

This is the first post in a new series about the sticky situations you can get into after deconverting from Christianity. I’m hoping it will be useful for those who have recently deconverted as well as for theists who want to understand what life is like on the other side. 🙂 For new readers who… Read More

When Is a Topic (in)Appropriate?

Recently someone stumbled across On the Other Hand by googling this question: What topics are off limits for most people to express? A contentious debate with a friend who is firmly lodged on the other side of a controversial issue can be absolutely acceptable while bringing up something as ordinary as what someone else is eating or wearing could be… Read More