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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Character in a Book You’d Love to Meet and Why

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There are countless characters from books out there who would make a memorable first impression. For this week’s prompt, I used the following criteria to narrow them down to one character I’d love to meet:

A hobbit house with a blue door built into the side of a green grassy hill. 1) They are kind, loving, and accepting of everyone.

I filter real-life people by these criteria, too, so it only makes sense to narrow the list down to characters who would be genuinely pleasant hosts or houseguests.

2) We share similar interests.

This is not to say we must share all of our interests in common, only that I think it would be nice to have some ideas of good icebreakers to get the visit started off on the right foot.

3) They live in a world that’s (relatively) safe for human women to visit. 

I would strongly prefer not to be eaten by a dragon or carried away by bandits five minutes into our visit. Let’s make it as peaceful and predictable an experience as possible.

When it was all said and done, Samwise Gamgee from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is my choice.

Samwise got along beautifully with nearly everyone who crossed his path. (I am not counting Gollum here because that poor creature really couldn’t get along with anyone anymore). He excelled at smoothing things over if someone’s feathers were accidentally ruffled, and he relished getting to know how others lived, what they thought about the world, and, equally importantly for a hobbit, what delicious things they might serve for second breakfast.

He was a loyal friend, a brave explorer, and a critical part of the reason why Frodo kept going on his mission to destroy the One Ring before it destroyed the entire world when all hope for rescue or success had been lost. We would:

  • Eat tasty food several times a day.
  • Take long walks in the peaceful countryside.
  • Listen to his incredible stories from his adventures.
  • Dance, sing, play games, and do other wholesome hobbit things.
  • Make everyone feel welcomed.

In short, it just might be a perfect day.


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