The 2022 Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge Topics

List of blogging topics for The Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge for 2022

Long and Short Reviews has released the list of topics for their third year of Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge posts.

If you’re having trouble reading the graphic above, scroll down for a transcription of it. Everyone is welcome to join in at any point of the year for as many or as few of the prompts as you wish! I know this is short notice for tomorrow’s prompt, but luckily it seems to be an easy one. 🙂

The fun begins tomorrow, so stay tuned.



5 – Your Goals for 2022

12 – Books You Want to Read in 2022

19 – What Inventive Ways Do You Have to Keep Warm?

26 – Best Book, Movie, or TV Show from 2021



2 – Your Theme Song for This Year

9 – Ways to Show Someone You Love Them

16 – Favourite Book Genre and Why

23 – Something New You Learned Last Year




2 – Tell Us Something About a Pet

9 – Book Setting You’d Like to Visit and Why

16 – Something “Lucky” That Happened to You

23 – Your Favourite Podcast and Why

30 – What Mythological Animal You’d Want as a Pet




6 – A Unique Talent You Have

13 – What’s On Your TBR List

20 – One Meal Everyone Should Try

27 – Book, Movie, or TV Show You Can’t Wait For



4 – Best Mother in a Book, Movie, or TV Show

11 – Do You Believe in Aliens? Why or Why Not?

18 – What You Do When You’re Not Feeling Well

25 – Favourite Quote from a Book




1 – Book, Movie, or TV Show Set In or Near Your Town

8 – Design Your Perfect Wedding

15 – Best Father in a Book, Movie, or TV Show

22 – Your List of Auto-Buy Authors

29 – A Real Life Event That No One Would Believe



6 – Have You Met Anyone Famous? Who?

13 – Character in a Book You’d Love to Meet and Why

20 – Describe a Perfect Weekend Getaway

27 – Show Us Your Bookcase(s)



3 – Weirdest Food You Love

10 – Thoughts on Fan Fiction

17 – Where Would You Spend One Day in the Past?

24 – Bookmark, Scrap Paper, or Dog-Ear?

31 – A Plot Line You Refuse to Read/Watch and Why



7 – A Plot Line You Love to Read/Watch and Why

14 – What Makes You Pick Up or Buy a Book?

21 – Least Favourite Chore and Why

28 – Using the Library vs. Buying Books



5 – Something from Sci-fi You Wish Were Real

12 – Do You Buy Books New or Thrift Them?

19 – Fantasy Animal You Wish Was Real?

26 – Scariest Real Life Ghost Story



2 – What Sci-fi/Fantasy Book You’d LIke to Visit

9 – Best Way to Spread Love of Books

16 – Favourite Social Media Platform and Why

23 – Overused Character Stereotypes

30 – Share Your Morning (or Bedtime) Rituals



7 – Best Fictional Siblings and Why

14 – Your Favourite Crafty Thing to Do


Header for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge hosted by Long and Short Reviews. The image shows a laptop sitting on a wooden table.

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