Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d Love a New Book From

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A lush bouquet of red flowers are lying on the pages of an opened book. The majority of my answers this week will involve authors who have either passed away or retired from writing for health reasons because there’s something poignant about wishing for stories that will never be written. (I do still have hope for the last few of them, though).

If only all authors could live long enough and in good enough health to write every single story in their heads!

I like to imagine some alternate universe out there where every unwritten or unfinished book somehow exists and can be enjoyed.

Here are my answers:

1. Jean M. Auel

I’ve talked about my love of the Earth’s Children series before as well as how disappointed I was by how the major conflicts remained completely unresolved in the sixth and final book. In many cases, they were not mentioned at all despite being catalysts for character and plot development in the first several instalments.  It would make me unbelievably happy if Auel could write just one more book to wrap everything up properly and reunite Ayla, the protagonist of this series, with her now-adult son.

2. Octavia E. Butler

Her Earthseed series predicted the future in all sorts of ways that are slowly coming true in the 2020s.  I would be thrilled to know how it was supposed to end. Perhaps both it and our world will improve dramatically in the decades to come?

3. Anne Frank

She should still be alive and writing books! I think she would have been a lovely children’s book author, but maybe she would have preferred some other genre instead?

4. Malcolm X

He was evolving in such interesting ways at the end of his life. I wish he had been allowed to see old age and write about whatever was on his mind from the 1970s and beyond.

5. George R.R. Martin

While I haven’t actually read the Song of Ice and Fire series yet, I know how irritating it is to love a series that hasn’t been finished properly. All series and books should have a chance to wrap everything up. If that final Song of Ice and Fire book is ever written, I will check out this series.

6. Sarah Waters

It’s been a decade since her last book. I completely understand how writer’s block can be an impediment as I suffer from it, but if that’s what is going on with her I hope she is able to get past it soon. Her stories are so good.



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  1. I really need to try some Sarah Waters, because her plots sound really intriguing.

  2. It’s so sad that Anne Frank did not live to grow up and be a writer. Tragic.

  3. Now I want to write a book about that alternate universe! Although, I’m sure a book with a similar premise already exists out there somewhere … Maybe in an alternate universe, even …

    Great list, very thoughtful as always! 🙂

  4. The problem with Anne Frank — and I do wonder what kind of woman she would’ve become, what beauty she might have contributed to the world — is the fact that had she lived, we probably never would have heard of her. Perhaps her diary would have been released, but would it have the impact it did, us knowing she perished mere weeks before her camp was rescued by the Allies?

  5. Yes! I’d love to read a new book by Anne Frank. That would be amazing. Happy Tuesday!

  6. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    That’s a shame that Auel’s series was left with an ending that was unsatisfying.

  7. Martin seems to be a popular name today! I’ve seen him on a couple of lists, lol. I haven’t read anything by Butler *yet* but I hope to finally read a couple of the books I own by her this year. Great list!

  8. Oh, I loved Jean M. Auel! And Octavia Butler!

    And definitely don’t start Song of Ice and Fire unless it’s finished. Save yourself the pain and misery. Sigh. Such promise. Now I don’t even want to read anything by Martin ’cause I’m salty about Song of Ice and Fire.

    Thanks for stopping by my Top Ten!

  9. Sarah Waters, yes! Great call! I ADORE her books and characters and, you’re right, it’s been an age! I remember reading an interview with her when she said she started to write because the books she wanted to read didn’t exist yet… LOVE that!

  10. Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t seen G.R.R. Martin on *more* lists this week. (Patrick Rothfuss also.) I think that if authors were given a long enough lifespan to write every single one of the ideas in their heads, some of them would end up being effectively immortal. 🙂

    Here’s my TTT this week.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever read any of Anne Frank’s writings, but maybe someday I will. With writing like that, that is usually so tough because of the life someone lived or the subject, I tend to kind of have to be in the right mood before tackling those types of stories. It would indeed be so fun if some of our favorite authors, especially those who have passed away, had some hidden manuscripts. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting my website today!

  12. Anne Frank. So very true, she should be here and be writing.

  13. Anne Frank and Malcom X are such great choices. How would Anne have “evolved” and recovered from the trauma she suffered? And, Malcolm, having come to see the world so differently just before his death–good grief, what would HE think of the college protests today? Excellent choices.

  14. RS

    I haven’t read any of these, but surprised to hear it’s been that long for Sarah Waters. I’ve waited longer before (successfully) getting a new book from an author, but…not that much longer. Now I wonder what the record is between releases! (besides Harper Lee, probably, which imo doesn’t really count)

  15. Someday I want to finish the Jean M. Auel saga, I think I only read the first two or three books, and I remember that I loved them

  16. Yes, Anne Frank!! That would be so awesome. Have a great week!

  17. Completely agree on the “unfinished series” thing – definitively a few I’ve dragged my heels over knowing there isn’t a next book coming

  18. Fabulous list. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog today.

  19. Sarah Waters is a great pick. I didn’t really realize it had been so long since her last book (and I don’t think I read it) — but I would love to see more by her. Octavia Butler for sure! I have her earlier books still to catch up on, but yes, I’d love to see an Earthseed follow-up.

  20. I find it sad when things don’t get completed. It would be great for that alternate universe to exist!

    I have only read 2 Sarah Waters books (I don’t know how many there are), but I enjoyed them.

    Have a great week!

  21. Great list, Lydia. You reminded me that I really should read Jean M. Auel’s book. Hubby read them ages ago and somehow they never made it onto my pile even though I really want to read them.

    Thanks for visiting my post

  22. Anne Frank is such a great choice!

  23. Good choices! And to the list of authors who haven’t finished series in about the same number of years as GRRM, you can add Patrick Rothfuss and Scott Lynch. Oh, and Robin McKinley; I haven’t read Pegasus (2010) because I’m still waiting for the sequel. (Especially given that I was told it doesn’t really end.)

  24. Would love a new book from Anne Frank, if only.

  25. Oh I didn’t know that Fire and Ice saga was not finished. I was about to dive into it. Now I won’t:)

  26. I understand not wanting to start a series that isn’t completed, but I can’t imagine not having read the A Song of Ice and Fire books when they came out. I still have so much hope that they will eventually be finished. I also was a fan of the Earth’s Children series, but I think I’ve only read the first three. Time to catch up!

  27. I feel like Martin has completely lost interest in a song of ice and fire. I’ll be amazed if the next books will be released at all.

  28. vidya

    I have only read Anne Frank from those on your list, and 👍🏻, i do wonder what she might have grown up to be…

  29. I enjoyed reading your answers! Love your comment on how Anne Frank could have become a wonderful author for children.

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