Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Discoveries I Made in 2019

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Let’s see how many things I can add to this list. The prompt for this week said “these could be books, authors, blogs, websites, apps, products, etc.,” so I’m going to try to be creative with it.

The Art of Darkness.

This is a bookish Halloween blog that I love. They have a weekly roundup of links that have introduced me to so many new authors and random literary things.

Header for the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge. Image shows a laptop sitting on a wooden desk and the WWBC logo.

The Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge.

This is a fun blog hop put on by Long and Short Reviews. The topics last year range from favourite characters to recipes to books you’d recommend to people who liked a certain genre.

Open Mic Nights at My Local LibraryΒ 

I don’t know how many – if any – I’ll be attending this year, but it was pretty amazing to listen to other people read their own work, share a favourite poem from a famous writer, sing, crack jokes, and otherwise explore the wide world of literature and the arts last year. If your community has a library, I’d definitely recommend checking to see if they have a similar event (and asking them for one if they don’t).

It’s such a wonderful way to spend an evening and get to know your community better.

Folklore Thursday

If you’re on Twitter, #FolkloreThursday happens every Thursday. Their website orΒ Twitter account generally share the specific themes ahead of time. Past topics have ranged from the food to children to winter holidays.

I’ve learned about so many legends and traditions from the folks who run it and highly recommend it to anyone who loves fairy tales, folk tales, or anything similar to that.


88 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Discoveries I Made in 2019

  1. Those are some great discoveries! I would love if my library did an open mic night! I think I will look into doing the Wednesday weekly blogging challenge as well. Thank you for sharing and visiting my list!

    • You’re welcome. I hope your library does an open mic night someday and that I’ll see you around on the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge soon.

  2. The open mic thing sounds interesting. After NaNoWriMo was over, we all read something from our stories that we had written (we had a weekly write-in at the library where we’d work on our NaNo projects). I go to a biweekly critique group at the library and spend so much time there already, LOL.

  3. Oooh, Folkelore Thursday sounds fabulous! I’m going to have to look that up. Definitely sounds like something I’d be interested in. :3 Open mic night sounds like a lot of fun, too. We wanted to start something like that at our local library, but we’re still trying to gauge the interest and if anyone will come. xD

  4. Great list! Open mic night sounds so nice πŸ™‚ I love looking through the Folklore Thursday tag. I think it’s the only hashtag I check regularly on twitter haha.

    • Oh, that’s so cool. Good for your daughter.

      I have not been brave enough to join in as a performer on Open Mic night. Maybe someday. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m so envious with open mic nights. That sounds so much fun. I think I only see it in movies and TV shows. I would love to attend one someday but not here in the Philippines. Our libraries are lacking. I don’t say that to degrade my country and the libraries here but it’s just the fact. When I get rich, I’ll make every local town libraries here as my charity. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. I love the sound of Open Mic night — I went to an event at a local library last year that was just so much fun — you reminded me I need to look into going to more there.

  7. I am definitely going to partake in the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge! I don’t always have a reservoir for TTT so I can delay my Tuesday posts, or just pot WWBC a day early, and follow their topics. This is great!

  8. This is a very unique list, Lydia– I love how you’ve stretched yourself for this week’s TTT! Very fun. The library I go to doesn’t have an open mic night, but the main library does. I’ll make an effort to go sometime this year; the main library is almost an hour from my house, so it’s quite a trek!

    • Thank you very much!

      That is a long trek to the main library. I’m glad you’re able to go sometimes and hope you enjoy the open mic night there.

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