Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Gifs

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My creative muscles weren’t as strong as usual for this freebie post. I decided to go with something lighthearted and fun: bookish gifs.


Captain Picard sitting in a lounge chair in the sun. He says "All I require is the sit in the sune and read my book. Alone."

Honestly, I can’t blame Captain Picard for this one bit. I’d do the same thing in the Holodeck!


Homer Simpson holding his head and screaming. Caption says "that moment when you drop your book in the bath."


It’s been years since I did this, but I still shudder at the memory. I hope all of you have kept your books safe, too.


Animated character reading a book that says "pretending to be normal"

I have no idea where this one is from, but I love it.


Donald Duck reading a book. As he looks away, black claws emerge from the book to grab him.

I loved Donald Duck as a kid, but this scene would have scared me if I’d seen this particular episode.


Kitten pouncing when person tries to turn page. Caption says "Stop! I Haven't Finished Reading Yet!"

Ignore the typo in this gif and listen to a funny story. I once tried reading a book with a friend when we were in middle school. We read at different speeds, so I’d get bored and she’d get frustrated. It was a short-lived experiment.


Man saying "I'm going to be a big-time blogger."

May we all get there someday.


Gif of baby crying when the last page of a book is closed.

This poor baby doesn’t want story time to end. Can you blame him?


Woman smiling as she puts a book down

There’s nothing like finishing an immensely satisfying story.


I can’t stop giggling at this. I am more forgiving of the occasional typo than Bert apparently is, though.

What are your favourite bookish gifs or memes? 


64 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Gifs

  1. Ooooh, this is so sweet. Thanks for giving me some good chuckles. My favourite is Bert. I totally agree with him here. But I have always liked him.

    Now, the question is, do I bombard all my friends with these GIFs now or do I leave them alone? Nah, I might use a few of them … LOL

    Thanks for that. And thanks for visiting my TTT earlier.

  2. Ooh, this was such a brilliant idea, so much fun! I think the “Pretending to be Normal” one may be from the Pixar animation movie UP, but I’m not sure. My favorite is the Donald Duck one. 🙂

  3. Ha! Ha! I love this cheeky post, and what a fun way to do a Top Ten Tuesday! My fav is the pretending to be normal one. 😀

  4. I was curious enough to try to look up what the Pretending to be Normal gif is from, and believe it or not, I found it! It’s from an indie stop-motion animated film that came out in 2009 called Mary and Max.
    Even a book wouldn’t help me with being normal though, sadly. Fun post this week!

  5. Haha great freebie topic choice, Lydia – Can’t say I had paid much attention to book/reading gifs, but all of these made me smile. I especially love the Picard and Bert ones! 😁

  6. I’ve identified more and more with Picard over the years, honestly.

    Earl Grey, hot. Books. An aversion to adolescents. A desperate desire for some time alone. Having your work interrupted by a gang of oddball crew members with strange amounts of interpersonal drama.

    Picard speaks for every introverted reader in that GIF.

  7. I’ve never seen any of these! I can’t decide which is the cutest, the baby or the baby cat. Saving a whole bunch for future use, though.

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