Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Wish I Had Read as a Child

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Child sitting on a roof and reading a bookMy list is a short one this week. One of the things my parents did marvellously when I was growing up was providing their kids with a wide range of reading material. I read just about everything I could get my hands on.

There are a few titles I wish I’d discovered as a child, though!

1.The Children of the New Forest by Frederick Marryat

2. A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys by Nathaniel Hawthorne

3. The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

What they all share in common is a strong sense of magic and wonder about the world. Yes, I could read them as an adult – and may well do that one of these days – but I think I would have adored them when I was a child.

Here’s hoping today’s children enjoy these stories and many more of them.


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  1. I discovered The Children of the New Forest through the 1001 Children’s Books list. I discovered many books that way.

    I hope librarians today have broad collections, including good stories from the past.

  2. I still need to read The Never Ending Story. I just don’t think it would ever live up to it the way I remember the movie from childhood.

  3. Great list! I watched The Neverending Story when I was younger, but never read the book.

  4. I did a similar topic last year and therefore have linked to the one I did then (Top Ten Books I wish I read as a kid). My TTT today is an old one I missed (Books I’ll Never Read).

    I loved The Neverending Story, didn’t read it as a child, either, as a young adult, because it wasn’t published earlier. Anyway, don’t watch the movie, it’s awful. Even the author retracted his name from that project

  5. RS

    I kinda wish I’d read The Neverending Story too. I never even saw the movie, though I’ve seen occasional clips. I wonder if I would still enjoy it as an adult. Which makes me realize I’ve never actually let myself look up what the story is about…I’ve managed to retain my absolute bafflement with the bits I’ve seen and my childhood determination not to ruin the surprise before I read or watch it.

  6. I love your list! The Never Ending Story is wonderful. Definitely give it a try someday.

  7. My brother was OBSESSED with the Never Ending Story!!

    My Top Ten

  8. Children of the New Forest is a very good book. So many of those were out of fashion when I was a kid.

  9. I never read The Neverending Story but I did love the film.

  10. It’s great that you had wonderful reading material as a kid! I enjoyed my reading picks from when I was young also — but there are many newer releases that I added to my list this week because they weren’t written early enough for me to read them when I was younger. 🙂

  11. I think I would’ve enjoyed The Never Ending Story. Great TTT and thanks for visiting mine!

  12. I wish I would have read the neverending story too! or at least watched the movie haha

  13. My parents always made sure I had a ton of books at home to read, too. Sounds like we were both lucky growing up. 😀

  14. Thanks for stopping by my post. I am trying my best to be that parent – the one that gives her little one access to what ever book she wants. She is 4 and her library might rival mine….

  15. I’ve tried to make sure my kids had books to read. It’s funny because my boy always wanted to read Minecraft books when he was really little, now he wants to read all the Lauren Magaziner books. He has a hard time trying new books. He only read The Young Elites because I read the first page of my fanfic and he thought it sounded really interesting. My dd was more adventurous.

  16. I really liked The Neverending Story as a kid. Never read the book though, only saw the movie.

  17. I love The Neverending Story – book and film! I haven’t heard of The Children of the New Forest. Sounds intriguing!

  18. I haven’t read any of these, but I have heard of them. Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog today.

  19. The Neverending Story sounds so good! I would have loved that book as a kid, but shamefully this is the first I’m hearing of it! 😭 I might still check it out though because I am intrigued!
    Happy Reading! <3

  20. That’s awesome that you got to read so much as a child! I did too, but I loved to reread a lot, so I didn’t get to read as much variety as I wish I would have. 😉 Great post!

  21. That’s awesome that your parents did that for you! In some ways, I wish mine did. I got books for presents and such, but mostly, I read whatever I could get from my school’s library. I had to have special permissions to take out extra books, because I read them so fast. xD

    Books about magic and wonder are great as adults, but they just don’t quite strike the same chord as they do when you’re young and innocent, do they?

  22. I adored The Neverending Story, so much better than the movie, and I had this really cool book where the print had different colors and the illustrations were beautiful. I definitely think that one feels different if you’re younger.

  23. I bet The Neverending Story as a kid would be so magical! I know the movie was!

  24. I never read The Neverending Story but I remember how the movie made me feel when I watched it as a young child.

  25. I think I saw The Neverending Story movie when I was a kid, but I’ve never read the book. Maybe someday.

  26. I’ve never read these, either. Though I did see the film of The Neverending story. I remember watching it in first grade on one of those school days before a holiday.

  27. Well, I learned today that the Neverending Story is a book. I thought it was just a movie! (Thanks for checking out my list!)

    My TTT.

  28. I didn’t realize THE NEVERENDING STORY was a book either! My husband and I love the movie, although our kids thought it was weird. LOL. I might just have to get myself a copy of the book. It might be just the thing right now.

    Happy TTT!


  29. Oh the Neverending Story is amazing but I don’t really like the second part of the book to be frank with you. I find it rather… unnecessary especially since the first part work fantastically

  30. Lucky you have so few on your list! I still haven’t read The Neverending Story, but I loved the movies as a kid.

  31. I want to read the Neverending Story too! Sounds really cool

  32. The Neverending story! I forgot that was a book — and yeah, I agree, reading these as a kid would have been a whole different kind of wonder and excitment!

  33. Oh I wish I read The Neverending Story as a kid as well!

  34. Haven’t heard of these, but I agree that books about seeing the world with a new perspective were so enjoyable as a child. I’d also tried to capture some with my TTT this week :).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  35. This is a great list! The Neverending Story was on my list for much the same reasons 😊

  36. As much as I adore the books by Michael Ende, The Never-ending Story has never really been one of them. I always had to drag myself through it and the more I think about it…I’m not even sure if I ever finished that book. But the other ones…god, I’m so glad I read them all as a kid. And I should probably read them again.

  37. I wish I had read The Neverending Story as a kid. I read it in college and loved it, but it would have been more meaningful as a child. 🙂

  38. I remember watching The Neverending Story film as a child, but never got the chance to read the book. Maybe I need to add this to my TBR!

  39. I’ve never read the Neverending Story either. I don’t know much about it. XD

  40. The Neverending Story is such a great choice. Loved the book and the movie!

  41. I loved The Neverending Story movie when I was growing up – Artax’s death is still brutal! I had no idea it was a book until much later.

    Lauren @ Always Me

  42. I’ve never read The Neverending Story but I remember watching and loving (but also being a little bit scared) of the movie! Great list, Lydia 🙂

  43. Oh I never would have even thought to include The Neverending Story. I remember watching the first two films a lot as a kid, and I always loved them. I’ve owned the book for a few years, so I’m not sure why I still haven’t read it.

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