Top Ten Tuesday: Books on My Winter 2022-2023 To-Read List

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A foolish woman reading a book outside in the winter while wearing a skirt, keeping her winter coat opened, and not bothering to wear gloves, a hat, or a scarf. This stock photo is making me giggle, so I must share it with you all. I don’t want to make assumptions about the climates you all live in, but nobody in Ontario walks around outside in the dead of winter without being bundled up warmly unless you want to risk developing frostbite or hypothermia. It can happen quickly, too, if the windchill and temperatures are both very low and you’re not dressed properly for the weather.

Yes, her outfit is scholarly and all of that, but it’s also totally impractical for this season. It’s funny to me to compare the aesthetic that some photographers use to capture their idealized versions of winter versus the reality of actually living in a cold climate …and there are much chillier places to spend the winter than Toronto!

Anyway, I have once again returned to my regular habit of not having many books to share for my seasonal to-read lists. It was quite unusual for me to have nine of them last autumn.

Winter is a time when I often read or reread classic novels. Last winter I reread Jane Eyre and the Chronicles of Narnia, so the likelihood of me rereading other classics this winter is high. As far as contemporary books that are set to be published over the next few months go, here is a short list of what’s caught my eye so far.



How to Sell A Haunted House by Grady Hendrix book cover. Image on cover shows a suburban house at night. The front door is open and warm, golden light is spilling out of it onto the sidewalk and front yard.

How to Sell A Haunted House by Grady Hendrix

Publication Date: January 17

Why I Want to Read It: I’ve read many books about haunted houses, but very few about the trials of attempting to sell one. What a fun spin on the topic.


After Sappho by Selby Wynn Schwartz book cover. Image on cover is a drawing of various Greek women sitting around a table reading, talking, and resting.

After Sappho by Selby Wynn Schwartz

Publication Date: January 24

Why I Want to Read It: I enjoy stories about women breaking through societal expectations of them to forge their own paths in life.


This Is Not My Home by Vivienne Chang book cover. Image on cover shows a drawing of a young Chinese girl wearing a yellow blouse. She’s standing on a balcony and you can see other apartment buildings in the background. Her mouth is open, and inside of her mouth is the title of the book in yellow letters.

This Is Not My Home by Vivienne Chang

Publication Date: January 24

Why I Want to Read It: My first reason for wanting to read it is that picture books are a nice refresher after reading a long, serious adult novel. My second reading for wanting to read it is because my family moved multiple times when I was a kid and I remember how hard it can be to say goodbye to old friends and adjust to a new life somewhere far away.


Vampire Weekend by Mike Chen book cover. Image on cover shows a black and white drawing of a Chinese woman with short, choppy hair standing by a window that overlooks the city.

Vampire Weekend by Mike Chen

Release Date: January 31

Why I Want to Read It: It’s not every day you hear of a vampire novel about a middle-aged person living in the Covid era who is trying to hold on to some semblance of their pre-vampire life. It’s such a unique twist to the genre that I will be quite curious to see how it all pans out.


How many of you also reread old favourites in the winter? And what is winter like where you live?




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  1. If you ever see a stock photo of a British postal worker wearing shorts in the snow…that’s an accurate depiction! I don’t know how they do it, but most of them wear shorts all year round.

  2. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz

    This Is Not My Home by Vivienne Chang sounds delightful.

    And I never would have thought twice about seeing someone reading outside in an open coat with a snowy background. Thanks for opening my eyes.

    • I hope you like it.

      And thanks! I think a lot depends on where you live and how cold it gets outside. There are places where dressing like that would be okay on even the coldest winter day….just not in Ontario. LOL.

  3. I’ve enjoyed the twists Grady Hendrix puts on horror, but I’ve not read How to Sell A Haunted House yet. It does sound good!

  4. It’s mad to think that someone would be walking around reading, and with an open coat!

  5. Vampire Weekend sounds pretty interesting, and I love the cover of This is not my home – so adorable!

  6. Living in the Detroit area, I have to agree with you on the picture. And are those bare legs!?! Never in winter!

    I know a lot of people like reading spooky-themed books in the fall around Halloween, but I always picture it cold outside and curling up in front of a roaring fire when I think of reading such books. I think a couple of your choices would be great for that scenerio. I hope you get a chance to read them all.

  7. I hope you enjoy all of these when you get to these.

  8. I would also add that walking around while reading a book in the winter might lead to you slipping on a puddle as well. Only way I walk around reading is with an audiobook. 🙂

    I’ve also got the Haunted House book on my list of things I’d like to read.

  9. Grady Hendrix is becoming a favorite of mine. I’ve enjoyed every book of his I’ve read.

    As for the question, I almost never re-read books.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

  10. I’m going to read This Is Not Home for the Blog Tour with TBR & Beyond! Here is my post-

  11. Okay, Vampire Weekend sounds really interesting! I hadn’t heard of that one before.

    All of the Grady Hendrix book titles sound so good, but they also sounds way too scary for me. I hope you enjoy it, though!

    My TTT:

  12. That photo is funny! We see the opposite here. We get people from Phoenix come up to flagstaff to play in the snow, and they will be overly bundled up because they are not used to the cold.

    • That must be a funny sight for sure! Yeah, people can acclimate to whatever temperature they’re used to. When I visit family in Arizona, I swim at temperatures they find too chilly.

  13. Haha, I can definitely see the silly in that stock photo 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy these reads this winter!

  14. I haven’t seen Vampire Weekend before but there are several others by Mike Chen that I want to read.

  15. I love the idea of rereading old favorites during the holidays! A nice way to take the pressure off – right now I’m feeling stressed about all the books I wanted to read this year but haven’t. Enjoy your winter reading!

  16. I hope you enjoy these books! Here in the suburbs of NYC, we definitely find people wearing winter clothing on the top half and then shorts on the bottom – it’s kind of funny looking, but hypothermia and frostbite isn’t as much of a concern as it is in the colder parts of the state (or the world). Hope you’re staying warm!

  17. That photo reminds me of how in tv shows, people dressed like that as well, not practical or realistic but hey, some people are willing to suffer for beauty.

    I haven’t heard any of the books on your list but they sound intriuging. Pictures books are fun.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog. Have a lovely day.

  18. Anita@seriesbooklover

    How to sell a haunted house looks good.

    My TTT

  19. Haunted House is the one that catches my eye and I’ll be watching for.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

  20. I know many others who reread the classics this time of year. I hope you enjoy all the books on your list!

  21. I think it would be fun to re- read Narnia in winter! It just seems to go well with the season. anyway- love the look of the Mike Chen. I’m a big fan of his after reading Here and Now and Then.

  22. I do love picture books as a little refresher between “heavier” novels! I’ll definitely have to add some to my TBR!

  23. I don’t even wear that in the winter here and we don’t even get snow! haha.

    Hope you enjoy all of these

  24. I hadn’t heard of Vampire Weekend but it looks interesting, and I’ve enjoyed some of Mike Chen’s short stories. The Chronicles of Narnia, particularly the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, is always a good read for winter!

  25. How to Sell A Haunted House sounds like it would be a very interesting read!!

  26. I am not a huge horror reader but I love Grady Hendrix’s books. And Vampire Weekend sounds really good too. I went with mostly older books, some of which were on one reading list or another this past year–or even the year before. One year I will read them. Hopefully soon. I hope you enjoy all four of these!

  27. I still need to read the rest of the Narnia books. Loved what I read though which I think were the three books that they most recently adapted as films. Hope you enjoy all of these, Lydia, and thank you for visiting my list.

  28. I’m also looking forward to How to Sell A Haunted House. I’ve been wanting to reread Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Rebecca. Winter is a great rereading season!

  29. I don’t re-read often, but I’ve been thinking about re-reading The Bear and the Nightingale series this winter. It’s a recent favorite that I’m ready to revisit. Plus it’s set in winter so seems like perfect timing. 🙂

  30. OK, your description of Vampire Weekend makes me think I absolutely need this book!! And I’ve been wanting the Grady Hendrix too — so far, I’ve liked everything of his that I’ve read. Good luck!

  31. After living in Ontario for 14 years, I shake my head at how people treat winter and how unrealistic their ideals are.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

  32. I hope you enjoy all your winter reads. Thanks for looking at my list.

  33. It actually amazes me how different the weather in Toronto can be from Windsor. On my drive home from Halifax back in November, I drove through a snowstorm (well, not really a storm, but blowing snow) in Toronto that left 3 inches of snow on my car when I stopped for the night in Mississauga. There was now snow in Windsor. I don’t reread many books, there are just too many I want to get to. I agree, the Vivien Chen book looks good and would be great for kids who move around a lot. Enjoy whatever you pick up this winter, Lydia.

    • Yes, absolutely! This is such a huge province that you can’t assume anything about what the weather is like a few hours away. 🙂

      And thanks. Happy reading to you as well.

  34. I live in the US Midwest and I love winter! It definitely is all about bundling up properly. 🙂 Enjoy your reads!

  35. How to Sell a Haunted House sounds like a treat! I’ll be adding that to my TBR list.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  36. I like the idea of having a short list so you can reread other books. I hope you enjoy these if/when you get a chance to read them.

  37. Interesting looking books. I love Jane Eyre.

    That picture makes me laugh too. I later up like nobody’s business in the winter 🤣

    Have a great week!

  38. Great list, I hope they are good reads. The selling of a haunted home seems like an interesting concept.

  39. Interesting mix of books. I hope you enjoy them all!

    Happy TTT (on a Thursday)!


  40. This is not my home sounds so interesting; I really need to pick up a few picture books I feel like they always have something important to learn! Happy reading!

  41. Vampire Weekend definitely sounds unique and intriguing!

  42. LOL love your picture commentary and the reads look great! I hope you’ll enjoy them when you get to them!

  43. I want to read How To Sell A Haunted House too. It sounds so good.

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