Top Ten Tuesday: Books with Mountains on Their Covers

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A mountain half bathed in evening sunlight. It is reflected in a perfectly-still lake at the foot of the mountain. Mountains are one of my favourite natural settings to find on book covers. They’re so majestic and breathtaking!

I spent part of my childhood living right next to a large mountain range, so they also bring up happy memories from those years.

There’s nothing like being nestled right next to the mountains.  You get so much snow in the winter, and the summers are nice and mild as well.

Here are ten beautiful covers that include mountains on them.

This list turned out to have more North American mountains on it than I was originally intending to include. If you know of beautiful book covers about mountain ranges in other parts of the world, I’d love to hear about them.

The Mountains That Remade America- How Sierra Nevada Geology Impacts Modern Life by Craig H Jones book cover. Image on cover shows a mountain in Nevada that's right next to a highway

1. The Mountains That Remade America: How Sierra Nevada Geology Impacts Modern Life
by Craig H Jones

The Eight Mountains by Paolo Cognetti book cover. Image on cover is a photo of snow-covered mountains.

2. The Eight Mountains by Paolo Cognetti

Everest- Mountain without Mercy by Broughton Coburn book cover. Image on cover shows sun setting on Mount Everest.

3. Everest: Mountain without Mercy by Broughton Coburn

Annapurna- The First Conquest of an 8,000-Meter Peak by Maurice Herzog book cover. Image on cover shows sun setting on Annapurna mountain peak.

4. Annapurna: The First Conquest of an 8,000-Meter Peak by Maurice Herzog

Uluru- Australia's Aboriginal Heart by Caroline Arnold book cover. Image on cover shows Mount Uluru in all of it's red, dusty glory.

5. Uluru: Australia’s Aboriginal Heart by Caroline Arnold

Walking in the Caucasus - Georgia by Peter Nasmyth book cover. Image on cover shows mountain covered in clouds and snow peeking above a thick forest of pine trees.

6. Walking in the Caucasus – Georgia by Peter Nasmyth

Adirondacks- Views of An American Wilderness by Carl E. Heilman II book cover. Image on cover is panoramic shot from a mountaintop to the lush forest and lake below.

7. Adirondacks: Views of An American Wilderness by Carl E. Heilman II

If Mountains Die- A New Mexico Memoir by John Nichols book cover. Image on cover shows stormy clouds passing over mountains bathed in red evening light.

8. If Mountains Die: A New Mexico Memoir by John Nichols\

Hannibal's March- Alps and Elephants by Gavin de Beer book cover. Image on cover is a painting of the Alps in spring when some snow still remains on them.

9. Hannibal’s March: Alps and Elephants by Gavin de Beer

The Sound of Mountain Water by Wallace Stegner book cover. Image on cover is of a mountain stream filled with water rushing over the many rocks in it.

10. The Sound of Mountain Water by Wallace Stegner


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95 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Books with Mountains on Their Covers

  1. Great list! Growing up next to a mountain sounds idyllic.

  2. Great list. Same as you also love trees, I also love mountains but I didn’t see them growing up, so I don’t have such a personal link to them. Actually, I never lived close to any mountains. Maybe that’s why I chose trees, they bring back so many nice memories for me.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT earlier.

  3. verushka

    This is a lovely take on the TTT this week — maybe, majestic is a better word! Visiting Uluru is n my list of places to visit in Australia.

  4. I grew up on flat land, and I always wanted to live in the mountains. Thanks for sharing these beautiful covers with mountains.

  5. These are gorgeous! I especially love the Adirondacks one with the fall leaves in the foreground and the body of water in the background.

  6. Ooo, I don’t think I’ve seen people solely talk about mountains on their TTT post yet!

  7. I love that you themed your list around a particular feature in nature! This list makes me want to go on a hike lol.

  8. Such a pretty take on the topic!

  9. Great take on today’s topic. These are gorgeous!

  10. Oh, I like how you went for one thing, mountains, love it!

  11. All of these are beautiful. Such gorgeous places!

  12. Ooh, fun scenery to pick for this week! I love mountains. Thanks for visiting my Top 10 on Lisa Loves Literature earlier!

  13. the Storyenthusiast

    I love mountains too!!

  14. Great theme this week! Mountains are lovely to live by, and the covers you chose really show off the variety of mountain types.

    My TTT:

  15. What beautiful covers! Mountains are some gorgeous scenery–I think I’m partial to the Hannibal’s March one simply because I’ve spent a lot of time studying Hannibal and enjoy most things to do with him, haha! This makes me want to go visit some mountainous regions (rather than simply view them from far away, haha).

  16. What a wonderful set, chosen by theme! I am just hoping these all have gorgeous photography inside too.

  17. These are all beautiful! And seeing them makes me itch to start traveling again! I have a short visit to Yosemite planned for late summer — can’t wait to see Half Dome in person again.

  18. I love these covers because I love pictures with mountains. Or the real thing. I’m lucky to be able to see Mt. Rainier almost every day.

  19. Poinsettia

    What a cool take on this week’s topic!

  20. Great Theme! I loved seeing all the mountains.

  21. I love that you picked a theme. Mountains are always beautiful.

  22. Way to narrow down your theme and make it a cool challenge! I live in the Shenandoah Valley of VA so we’re always surrounded by mountains. I think the prettiest one on your list is the ‘Annapurna’ one.

  23. These are all beautiful but I find The Eight Mountains particularly striking!

  24. What a great idea! I love that you found such a variety of mountains, rather than all one (like Everest). I live in western Canada, so we’ve got lots of forested mountains here. But I’ve always wanted to see Uluru!

  25. I like your take on today’s topic, these mountains are all very beautiful!

  26. These make me want to go camping or on a road trip!

  27. Oooh, I like that you focused on book with mountains. That’s a cool theme for this week!

  28. Such a great list! Mountains are nature’s most majestic creation in my opinion!

  29. These covers make me immediately want to visit these places. Great picks!

  30. I really like the cover of Annapurna: The First Conquest of an 8,000-Meter Peak by Maurice Herzog. Mountains are so majestic.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT list this week, Lydia. 🙂

  31. Wow, these are such beautiful book covers!

  32. We have that Everest book too 🙂

  33. Love that you have included Uluru on your list! I do agree, mountains are such spectacular scenery to look at

  34. Wow! I love the selection of books you featured, it makes me miss traveling. I wish I can visit more places with mountains and the feel of countryside.

  35. Annapurna looks great, and uluru would be fascinating to more about.

  36. love your take/theme on nature covers.. reading this list reminded me of a few books as well.. I know many of these mountains are on my bucket list ..
    Books With Nature etc on the Cover

  37. I’ve done covers with water themes and flowers, but had never thought of mountains!]

    I visited Uluru a month or so ago. Such an amazing place.

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

  38. Donna van Eck

    Love how different your post is!!! i love seeing these covers.

  39. I love this! I grew up in the shadow of Mt. Hood. It was fun to see it in all its glory outside my window every day. Mountains (which we don’t really have here in the Phoenix area – we just have big rocks that don’t seem to qualify) are nostalgic for me as well.

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!


    • Thank you!

      Wow, it must have been neat to grow up next to Mt. Hood.

      And, yeah, I have family who lives in that part of Arizona. Your big rocks there are quite pretty!

  40. Uluru – I might have to look into that! Thanks for sharing!

  41. I like your take on the nature topic! Mountains really are majestic.

  42. Mountains are so awesome. I especially like the Walking in the Caucasus one.

  43. I’ve been to this place four times, for organised events. It obviously was put on hold due to covid, but I’m not sure they will ever bring it back 🙁

    The book is delicious though, and fits the theme!

  44. Great picks! I do love mountains on covers.

  45. My hometown is a province and in the Philippines, province means farms, fields and mountains. 🙂 this is a great list Lydia. 🙂

  46. Great list! I love Walking in the Caucasus’ cover, so stunning.

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