Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Follow on Social Media

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Arrangement of seven hexagons. The one in the midle contains a gear graphic. The rest contain graphics for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and Linkedin. I’m going to perform a magic trick today and give Internet access and knowledge of how to use it to the characters on this list who didn’t actually live in times and places where social media, much less the Internet itself, existed.

1. Shori from Ocatvia E. Butler’s Fledgling

Why: Imagine all of the stories that a vampire who is commonly mistaken for a child could tell about her life as she met people from every walk of life on Facebook.

2. Damon Salvatore from L.J. Smith’s Vampire Diaries series

Why: His witty personality would be the perfect fit for social media, especially somewhere like Instagram or Twitter.

3. Francie Nolan from Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Why: Her life was filled with difficult twists and turns that were poetically described. I’d want her to share every detail she was comfortable sharing (and accept donations so she could flee to a better life). There is a lot of compassion online for people who are going through financial trouble and who have troubled family relationships. She could find a real sense of community on a place like Twitter or Instagram.

4. Pecola Breedlove From Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye 

Why: She was by far the most interesting character in this book. Since it wasn’t written from her perspective, getting her to share small moments of her life on Snapchat would be a nice way to get to know her better. I’m sure she’d be filled with things to say about her childhood.

5. Elsa from Frozen (and Frozen 2, although I haven’t seen it yet)

Why: She’d be great at condensing her thoughts into bite-sized tweets on Twitter. I think that medium would suit her well, too, because of how easily it combines words and pictures together.

6. Hermione Granger 

Why: Her LinkedIn profile would be legendary. She’d have so many accomplishments to share.

7. Santa Claus

Why: If he were on every social media platform, social media would be a much friendlier place in general.

108 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Follow on Social Media

  1. Great list! Hermione made my list this week, too, and you’re so right – she’d have an amazing LinkedIn profile. I haven’t read Fledgling yet, but Shori sounds like she’d be really fun to follow as well!

  2. I don’t know Fledgling, but I agree, Shori would provide fascinating insight into people she meets who mistake her for a child. She kind of reminds me of Claudia from Interview with a Vampire too.

  3. Hermione is really topping the list this week! She’s been in almost all the ones I’ve seen 😂 Damon’s social feeds would be sooo snarky and fun! Haha I think I would definitely follow him too. Great list, Lydia!

  4. Oooh, you’ve got some really unique people here that I hadn’t thought of! Santa Claus is a good one. And Elsa? Yes! You really should watch Frozen 2. 😀 It was very different from the first, but enjoyable for different reasons.

    • Olaf would be a wonderful snowman/person to follow on social media. He was such a cheerful little guy. I think you’d love him if you ever watch Frozen.

  5. Elsa and Hermione are two I’d definitely follow as well. Hermione’s LinkedIn really would be amazing, I’d love to see someone create a fake template of all that she’d have on it already!

  6. Francie Nolan is one I did not expect! Good job! Now, about Santa Clause–you might enjoy this (no pressure to read)

  7. If Santa was on Twitter I think some people would be afraid if he started following them, LOL. Then they’d have to behave!

    Elsa would be good on Twitter too. Although maybe I’m just biased because we seem to have a lot in common (except for that ice thing, if I had magical powers I would be a fire mage).

  8. Fun list! I totally agree that Hermione’s LinkedIn would be amazing! 😂 I never would’ve thought about Elsa’s ability to write tweets, but I love it and the thought made me laugh! Thanks for sharing! 🙃

  9. So many of Toni Morrison’s characters would be amazing to get to know on social media for sure! I have several of Octavia Butler’s books, but have yet to read her! I need to get with it!

  10. Wonderful choices here! I would def follow Damon from the Vampire Diaries TV series, never read the books. Francie is a great idea too, though I think I wold want to follow Sissy Rommely even more.

  11. I would follow Hermione in a heartbeat, especially for her social justice tweets. I’d also follow social columnist Lady Whistledown (from Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series) because she’s so witty. I’d follow Amy March Lawrence on Instagram, because her feed would be so beautiful. And I do follow Mary Russell (from Laurie R. King’s eponymous mystery series), who has her own Twitter feed (yes, really!)

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