Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Favourite Memory and Why

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My family lived in Laramie, Wyoming for four years when I was a little girl. We were low income, so my parents came up with all sorts of creative ways to enjoy their days off without spending money. (I honestly didn’t even realize money was so tight for us during those years until I was much older. They made do with what they had really well).

The cool thing about living in Wyoming is that it’s filled with mountains, national parks, and other free places to take three small children who have boundless energy. For the cost of a little bit of gas and some sandwiches or other simple meals culled together from fridge leftovers, we could spend all day outdoors together.

One of our favourite places to visit was Vedauwoo National Park. It was a short drive from our home and was filled with rocks to climb, chipmunks to greet, and trails to conquer. There was nothing more exciting than hiking those trails with my parents and siblings.

A photo of Lydia Schoch, her parents, and two younger brothers at Vedauwoo National Park in the 1990s. My youngest brother was about two or three then, so sometimes he’d need a parent to carry him if we walked for a long distance. But the important thing was that we were together and we got to explore rocks that felt impossible large to me as a child.

I also remember picking and eating berries in a little patch of forest near the park. That was a wonderful treat! I think they were raspberries, and, yes, I did get permission from mom first.

I believe the picture I included in my post was the one my parents sent out to extended family as our Christmas card greeting that year? We’ll see if mom or dad can confirm this when they read this post


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    What a wonderful memory! And the photo shows perfectly how joyful you all were that day. Do you know who took the picture?


  2. This is such a wonderful memory! In South Africa we were kind of the same, but with the beach — we didn’t have a lot of money, so we usually went to the beach to hang out together.

  3. Tammy Wyse Schoch

    Your dad and I are talking … we kind of remember sending that out in a Christmas letter. But perhaps you implanted the memory just now so we’re not sure. 😄

  4. Wonderful memory. It makes me think back to the outdoor “vacations” we took as a family when I was young too. Thanks for the smile this morning. 🙂

  5. Mary Morgan

    I so enjoyed your memory and photo, Lydia! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Thanks for coming by and what a great memory… you are so fortunate to have the picture. The majority of our family pictures were destroyed in a house fire when I was younger.

  7. I find that little kids don’t need to do fancy things, just like your memory illustrates. They really appreciate the smallest joys. It’s a shame we don’t all feel that way. That’s a great memory 🙂

  8. That’s a great memory. Cute. The boy loved to go to the duck pond to visit with the ducks. It really is the simple things that matter. 🙂

  9. Some of the most precious memories are what you do together as a family. I enjoyed reading your story.

  10. Family memories are the best. What a wonderful memory. I Love hiking and camping in the great outdoors. Thanks for sharing. Here’e mine.

  11. Really enjoyed reading this! My family used to do the same kind of thing on weekends here in Washington state. 🙂 Great times.

  12. Laura

    Wyoming sounds delightful, and your childhood fun.

  13. That sounds so wonderful, Lydia. Lovely adventures. And with CHIPMUNKS!!! I have seeing a chipmunk on my USA bucket list. Hope to get over there in the next few years. Fingers crossed it’ll happen.

  14. What great memories! Wyoming is beautiful country for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  15. That sounds like an amazing place. We didn’t do that much as a family, so I’m jealous.

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