Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Things to Eat/Drink While Reading


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Seriously, how fun was this prompt? I had such a good time coming up with my list this week, and I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone else answered it, too.

1. Mint Tea

Caffeine tends to make me anxious, so I try to stick to caffeine-free beverages and foods as much as possible. Mint tea both smells and tastes nice.

2. Vegan Yogurt

I’m not vegan, but I eat a lot of products marketed to that demographic group due to my milk allergy. Non-dairy yogurts have gotten pretty good these past few years, so thank you to the vegan community for creating a demand for them. You’re awesome.

3. Salted Pistachios or Other Mixed Nuts

Nuts are such a satisfying snack.

4. Fresh Fruit

It’s hard to remember the last time I tried a new type of fruit and disliked it. Just about any sort of fruit is delicious to me.

sliced and whole Kohlrabi sitting on a cutting board. There is a knife placed beside them.

This is what kohlrabi looks like.

5.Crunchy Vegetables

I love crunchy vegetables like carrots, celery, radishes, or kohlrabi. It’s so satisfying to munch away at them, especially if I’m reading something a little frightening or atmospheric. Somehow having a plate of food to snack on makes me feel a bit less nervous in those circumstances.

6. Hard-boiled Eggs

I eat hard-boiled eggs with a little salt and pepper. They’re amazing. As soon as I pick up another bottle of hot sauce at the grocery store, I might try them that way next.

7. Cinnamon and Sugar Toast

This has been one of my favourite snacks since childhood. It’s even better if the toast is whole grain. My mom always bought healthy bread like that when I was growing up, so I developed a strong preference for it.

8. Grape Jolly Ranchers.

Will I eat other flavours of jolly ranchers? Absolutely, but the grape ones will always be my favourite. They are so delicious.

Peanut Butter spread on a sliced apple9. Almond Butter.

Honestly, any nut butter is appealing to me. it can be spread on toast, apple slices, celery, and so much more.

10. Sardines

I totally expect to be the only Top Ten Tuesday blogger who mentions this snack this week, but I love sardines. They have such a unique taste, and I find them really filling. They’re also a good source of certain nutrients like calcium and Vitamin D that I need to make sure I consciously include in my diet due to my milk allergy .


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  1. Celery! I looove celery. Green veg is my favourite veg – I had soup recently made with celery, broccoli, peas and green beans and it was delicious.

  2. So many healthy and delicious foods (although sardines and I don’t really gel haha) 😅I LOVE almond butter and omg cinnamon and sugar toast sounds so good?! I’ve never had that before but I’m definitely going to try it some time 🤤

    My TTT post

  3. I love crunchy vegetables too, especially carrot or cucumber sticks!

  4. Your list is so much healthier than mine haha! I do love fresh fruit, too, especially in the summer!

  5. cinnamon and sugar toast looks so good. i’m really going to have to try that one day and I loveeee fresh fruit. craving apples rn.

  6. I never anticipated seeing sardines. How unique. My husband loves them, with me it’s a hard pass. I love cucumbers to snack on!

  7. Oooo, now I want some nuts, that sounds so good!

  8. Cinnamon sugar toast definitely takes me back! My mom used to make that for me on cold mornings. 🙂

  9. Everyone is so healthy with their fruits and here I am like nahhhh lol. Great list <3

  10. Yum, cinnamon sugar toast! I love cinnamon sugar toast. (I prefer it on white bread so I can see how heavy I’m sprinkling on the cinnamon sugar.)

    And I suspect you’re right about the sardines. I will be very surprised if I come across another mention of them this week.

  11. Now I want some cinnamon sugar toast (we almost never have bread and I don’t even know where our toaster is). I can’t remember the last time I ate that.

  12. Yeah I’m guessing you’ll be the only person mentioning sardines too. I do like nuts; they’re good when you’re hungry but it’s not time for dinner yet.

  13. Lydia, we are so similar! Caffeine also makes me nervous, hence me having peppermint and camomile tea on my list. I am also lactose intolerant, so I often opt for the dairy free options which are more prevalent now with the rise in veganism. I also love sardines! 😀

  14. I too have a milk allergy and I do enjoy a good Vegan Yogurt every now and again. Off subject, but whats your favorite brand? A hard boiled egg sounds so good right now, love your list!!

    • It’s interesting that we share that in common.

      I don’t know if your area has all of the same brands that Toronto does, but I hope you’ll be able to find something from this list.

      Daiya is good if you like really sweet yogurt. (I treat it as a sort of dessert!) It doesn’t have calcium in it.

      Silk Almondmilk Yogurt Alternative is good, although sometimes I have trouble finding it. It does have calcium in it.

      Yoso is what I buy most often because it offers unsweetened almond yogurt. It does have calcium in it which is awesome.

      If you ever find a good vegan yogurt, I’d sure like to hear about it, too.

  15. Grape Jolly Ranchers are my favorite too. Unique list!

  16. My husband has a dairy intolerance so we sometimes have soya yoghurts in the house, oh and those alpro chocolate dessert pots!

    • Cool. Yeah, there are a ton of non-dairy yogurts out there these days. It’s wonderful.

      Aplro chocolate dessert pots are delicious. I’d half-forgotten about them, so thanks for the reminder.

  17. I haven’t had cinnamon and sugar toast in a long time. So yummy!

  18. I found some oat milk yogurts a few weeks ago and they’re pretty good. And Chobani makes Greek yogurts (I don’t think they’re dairy free though) with nut butters on the bottom. So, swirl some into some plain non-dairy yogurt!

  19. Lots of yummy stuff here! Sardines–they’re ok, but maybe once per decade, lol

  20. Haha, I’ve been reading a lot of TTT posts today, and you’re the first blogger who eats sardines while reading! I snack on mixed nuts. And carrots and hummus.

  21. Grape jolly ranchers are very solid, but my all-time faves are the watermelon ones!

  22. Now I totally want cinnamon toast. There’s something I find comforting about it, probably because it takes me back to childhood.

  23. Mint tea is great either hot or cold.

  24. Ooh I’ve never heard of kohlrabi before. Looks interesting! Great list Lydia :)))

  25. Now that’s a variety!

    Thanks for visiting my TTT post!

  26. Cinnamon and sugar toast sounds delicious! I love crunchy vegetables and pistachios. Great choices!

  27. Second on the hard-boiled eggs and cinnamon toast! So yummy!

  28. Oh my gosh I love jolly ranchers! Any variety really but grape is definitely awesome. 🙂 I like mixed nuts a lot too.

  29. Cinnamon sugar toast! And almond butter!

    And I’ve honestly never had a sardine. For some reason I’m not so interested in those but I’d love to try anchovies.

    Fun list Lydia.

  30. Jolly Ranchers! My childhood! I haven’t had one for years. I love them but they kill my teeth lol Love this list!

  31. I forgot, I was going to mention fruit too! Specifically raspberries, since those are my favourite. They’d definitely be on my “not while reading” list though, since I’d worry about staining the pages.

  32. Ooh, I love cinnamon sugar toast. Great picks!

  33. Grape Jolly Ranchers are good… but blue raspberry will always be my favorite! 😜

  34. RS

    What great healthy ideas. I’ve got to incorporate more of these.

    And some validation for you: I’m afraid to eat sardines much for fear of their effect on my breath even after brushing…but I have tried them, after suspecting that they couldn’t be that much weirder than my beloved gross-looking smoked oysters, and they ARE really delicious!

  35. God I love almond butter, I really need to start buying it again.

    I haven’t had cinnamon toast for years! My mom used to make “eggs in a hole” for me (fried egg inside a hole in toast), then sprinkle cinnamon on the little circle of bread. I think I’m going to make that today!

    • My family called that dish “egg bread.” It was a staple of our diet, especially right before the next grocery shopping trip. Yum!

      And I hope you do get more almond butter sometime soon. It’s delicious.

  36. Cinnamon toast! OMG I LOVE that, and I haven’t had it in ages and I can’t figure out why! And yes to fruit — right now, I am loving that grapes are appearing in the supermarket here at semi-decent prices!

    • Heh, I never would have guessed that so many other people loved cinnamon toast so much. It’s awesome.

      And, yes, it’s quite nice to see lower prices for grapes at the grocery store. I’ve been eating them almost every day lately! Gotta enjoy grape season while it lasts.

  37. Your list is so healthy!
    It must be so refreshing eating fruit and veg while you read 🙂
    Cora |

  38. Cinnamon and sugar toast sounds like music to my ears – you’re making me crave it now! Definitely the highlight of your list for me!

  39. I’m impressed with how healthy your list is! I wish mine was! 😅 Almond butter is lovely and mint tea is so comforting! Great choices 💛

  40. Man, this prompt is making me so hungry! I LOVE Pistachios. They were my grandmother’s favorite snack, and she’d keep some on hand for us. Oh my gosh, cinnamon and sugar toast! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who eats it. My husband thinks I’m weird, because nothing except butter or peanut butter should go on toast, according to him. But I always had this as a treat growing up, and I just love it so!

    • Heh, thanks.

      I find it pretty funny that your husband is weirded out by cinnamon sugar toast. It’s interesting to hear how family traditions can vary like that. 🙂

      My husband grew up in a family that rarely used ketchup, so he gets weirded out when I put it on eggs or hotdogs. LOL.

  41. Cinnamon toast I love! Cinnamon anything I love come to think of it… Cinnamon hot chocolate is an absolute favourite. 🙂

    I have to admit that I’ve never tried vegan yoghurt… And nut butters/sardines are a no, lol.

    Peppermint tea is good. When I’m reading, and things get tense, I swear I stress drink rather than stress eat (silver lining?) and there’s only so much black tea I can consume without seeing electricity so I switch to fruit and herb teas. 🙂

    • Ha! Black tea is delicious, but I hear you on not wanting to have too much caffeine. It makes you bounce off the walls after a while.

      Cinnamon hot chocolate sounds amazing.

  42. I love hard-boiled eggs! And nothing beats a delicious bowl of fresh fruit all cut up and mixed together. I am especially fond of raspberries and pears.

  43. Cinnamon and sugar toast sounds so good right now! And I always love mint tea.

  44. The only problem with eating sardines and reading I can think of is accidentally getting a little oil on the page! (I didn’t do this one because my reading snacks are very boring…a bit of cheese and lemon water, usually..)

  45. Fresh mint tea is the best <3 And mixed nuts are a great snack too.

  46. Give me some Cinnamon and Sugar Toast, i usually eat that with butter when i am sick!

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