Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Unconventional Bookmarks

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I’m modifying this week’s prompt a little bit because I’m the sort of reader who gleefully makes bookmarks out of all sorts of unconventional things when I read physical books. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I bought or used a traditional bookmark!

No, this post isn’t going to be about me using oreos and milk or a soft taco as bookmarks. None of the things I’m about to mention have damaged books in any way. They’re just a little off the beaten path.

1. Toilet Paper

It may be unnecessary to specify that this is clean, unused toilet paper, but I’ll do it anyway. Sometimes it’s the best available bookmark when you’re in the washroom reading, need to get up, and don’t have any other way to mark your page.

red maple leaf lying on a wooden floor2. Receipts

They’re bookmark shaped, right? Why not put them to use once you’ve bought your products.

3. Leaves 

Like the toilet paper, I only ever used clean, dry leaves. The bigger they were, the better.

4. Greeting Cards

They’re generally taller and wider than traditional bookmarks, but they seem to have about the same thickness. This is a good thing in my opinion. They won’t tear easily, but they also won’t damage the spine of a paperback.

5. Tissue Paper

I was desperate, and it did not work well due to how easily tissue paper tears.

6. Playing Cards

My family always had extra packs of playing cards lying around when I was growing up. Sometimes I’d grab a card as an impromptu bookmark.

How about all of you? What unconventional bookmarks have you used?

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  1. LOL! My collection!! Bank deposit slips–the ones you actually pick up at the counter are a favorite–you can scribble quotes on them. Grocery coupons are good too and church bulletins. Love your list! Bravo!

  2. I don’t tend to take things into the bathroom with me, so I’ve never had a need to use TP, but I have used a (clean) Kleenex before!

    Also, playing cards because there always seems to be a loose one around the house for some reason.

  3. I tend to use actual, store-bought (or hand-made) bookmarks, but my dad is well known from using a blank strip from the end of a roll of film negatives. You know. From back when cameras all actually used film. (He still has the blank negatives, because he says they’re perfect bookmarks.)

  4. I’m glad no books were injured in the making of this post. 😉 I am totally guilty of using all of these at some point, except the leaves. Never tried that one. My go-to is often mail or a little slip of torn-off journal paper. xD

  5. Amazing list.
    I’ve actually used a strand of hair once before because I really needed to leave my book but didn’t have a bookmark with me 😂

  6. Haaa, I like your specifications in regards to the toilet paper lol But this list is awesome — I am more of a whatever’s handy (and off the beaten path) bookmark-er too. I keep losing everything else!

  7. Well, guess I belong to the boring kind of type when it comes to using unconventional bookmarks. Because I only use real bookmarks. No cards, no toilet paper or whatever comes my way. Guess I am oldfashioned.

  8. What a fun list! I’m like you and don’t tend to use traditional bookmarks. The weirdest one I use regularly is my TV remote haha I read laying on the couch and the TV remote is always on the coffee table, so its always within reach if I need to get up for a bit!

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