Top Ten Tuesday: Halloween Things I’ve Never Done

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I’m borrowing this theme from Jana’s Halloween post last year, so she gets all of the credit there. It was such a great idea for both Halloween and Top Ten Tuesday.

Sugar cutout cookies decorated to look like a ghost, bats, spider web, the word “boo,” and a jack-o-lantern. 1. Visited a haunted house attraction.

I have been inside a house that others said was haunted, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen or heard anything there that defies scientific explanation.

Haunted house attractions don’t appeal to me because I dislike jump scares.

2. Attended an adult Halloween party.

3. Dressed up as something scary or gross.

4. Played the trick part of trick-or-treating.

I once toilet papered someone’s car, but they knew about it and I cleaned everything up immediately. I wouldn’t do anything to damage someone else’s property or leave a mess, so no egging or toilet papering houses for me.

5. Seen a ghost. 

6. Participated in a seance or used an Ouija board. 

7. Visited a fortune teller. 

8. Drank a pumpkin spice latte. 

9. Eaten many Halloween-themed treats. 

10. Decorated for Halloween. 

Here’s a quick explanation of why I haven’t done a lot of this stuff.

I was a preacher’s kid growing up, and my family didn’t celebrate Halloween at all until I was in middle school. We attended harvest festivals at various churches or didn’t do anything in particular that day instead depending on the year. When my parents later changed the family rules and said trick-or-treating was okay, we weren’t allowed to pick scary or gross costumes.

While I’m no longer a member of that church, I still have no interest in contacting spirits or having my fortune read. (I do not judge those who are into those things, though! To each their own).

Many Halloween treats, including pumpkin spice lattes, are filled with dairy products. I’m allergic to milk, so I usually can’t eat and drink that stuff unless I visit a vegan bakery or find a recipe that can be modified and make them myself. Maybe someday I’ll dig into that part of the Internet and do it, though.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What common Halloween things have you never done?


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  1. This is a fun list. I’ve always loved magical Halloween but I’ve shied away from scary Halloween. I’ve done all on your list except dressed up as something scary and seen a ghost.

  2. I love this list! What a great idea. My cousin does a Halloween party every year (because Halloween is his favorite holiday) so I went to that last week, which was fun. But I’m with you on contacting spirits with a Ouija board or a seance. I’m never doing that!

  3. Poinsettia

    I haven’t done a lot of these things either. I’m just not into horror or scary things in general. I do love Fall though. I highly recommend a Pumpkin Spic latte, or a pumpkin chai latte! Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  4. I love this idea! Great post. I’m a huge Halloween geek, so the kids and I get very into costumes and decorating. But I haven’t ever pranked anyone on Halloween either. I have a neighbor who’s a jerk though so maybe we’ll tp her house this year haha

  5. I’ve visited a fortune teller on holiday just for the novelty value. She gave me and my friend the exact same ‘fortune’ and told us not to tell the other one what she’d ‘seen’ lol Pulling the cards was fun though.

  6. Tammy Schoch

    Did you help toilet paper your dads office at the church?

  7. What an awesome list Lydia!!🤗📚🍁💜

  8. Interesting list.

    We decorated our home’s exterior with lights, a pinwheel, and a projector this year because my little girl is six and loves it. Nothing overly scary, but just to get in the holiday mood.

  9. Love your take on the topic. As Halloween is not ‘celebrated’ in our part of the world, most of these things are new to me. I love to read scary books though. Here’s my list of such reads for TTT:

    • Thank you. Yeah, I’ve seen a few different people mention that Halloween isn’t celebrated in their country. I think that’s very interesting, and it makes me wonder what holidays you have that we don’t. 🙂

  10. i haven’t done most of these things either 🙂

  11. Great list and fun take on the topic! I love Halloween but I haven’t done most of these things either (Halloween only got big in my country the last few years, even if I’ve always loved it but that may also be because it’s my birthday 😉 ) The only thing I have done is decorate for Halloween, but that’s always been more subtle than all-out decorations.

  12. I really feel for you about your dairy allergy this time of year. I am lactose intolerant and also have to avoid all dairy. It’s so hard and especially when the treats all look so cute!

  13. Fun list, thanks for sharing. The only one I have that is similar is dressing up as something gross, I have done what could be considered scary but not gross.

  14. This is an interesting list! I’ve never dressed up as anything scary or gross, but I have attended an adult Halloween party. And I’m totally a sucker for pumpkin spice, I hope you get to find a dairy free pumpkin spice latte soon!

  15. I have only dressed up vaguely as a witch – nothing scary, my mum has halloween tea parties and we have a few bits around the house, but apart from that I am with you and haven’t done the rest. I have no idea what pumpkin spice tastes like in anything…

    Have a great week!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog

    My post:

  16. I have not done most of these either! Especially 5-8 & 10. Have a great week.

  17. Fun list! My brother & I had a Ouija board phase–so silly since we were 5 & 9

  18. I haven’t done most of those things either! My parents were not into Halloween, so I barely remember dressing up. I have eaten my share of Halloween treats though, and I did go to a few adult Halloween parties. Does anyone really do the tricking thing? Great topic!

    • Maybe people only do the tricking thing in movies! I could be misinterpreting how common it is. 🙂

      And thanks. I’m glad you’ve had plenty of Halloween sweets!

  19. On your list, I have only done numbers 2 and 10. I’m not into anything gory or really scary. I enjoy the fun aspects like movies and cozy mysteries. 🙂

  20. From your list, I’ve been to a haunted house attraction and been around when an Ouija board was in use. The haunted house was back in university, and one of my friends ripped her earring out of her ear. But on the other side, she married the guy she was hanging on to all night. As for the Ouija board, that was with my mom.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

  21. I’ve done many things on your list, but don’t do any of it any more! What a fun list, Lydia.

  22. Neat list. Halloween is my second favorite holiday right behind Christmas. I’ve never really decorated with creepy, gory things, but I like to decorate the house for all and Halloween. I used a Quija board as a kid, but I was really young. Not much into that stuff now.

    Thanks for sharing your cool list and for visiting my blog.

  23. Ouh that’s a nice post. I also never touched a ouija board, DONT DO IT!! Overall a really bad idea- stay away xd

    I kinda really wanna get to an adult halloween party atleast once.. even just a dance clubbing event- sadly I was always working, and then covid happened and all that stuff 😬 oh, and I wouldnt wanna go alone because safety.

  24. You sound like a real South African Lydia! LOL!! We don’t celebrate Halloween, so I can tick just about all from your list. Except for the Pumpkin Spice Latte. That I’ve actually had!

  25. Jo

    I’ve not done most of these things either: I have been trick-or-treating and eaten Halloween sweets, but other than that, not really. Halloween is not really my kind of thing, I much prefer Christmas!
    My TTT:

  26. The only ones I have done from the list was when we had lot of American colleagues and were invited to their events. Otherwise, I haven’t done most of them because I have always lived in Europe and we don’t really celebrate Halloween here. But I like the idea with the list. Thanks, Lydia.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT this week this week is a Top Thirteen of songs that can be played at Halloween.

  27. Such an interesting post! I had my first pumpkin spice latte last year, but I’ve perfected it this year–it’s great with one brown sugar. I hope you enjoy it if you do try one!

  28. What a great turn on the topic, Lydia! I don’t usually drink lattes, but I do buy some pumpkin spice coffee to enjoy every fall. Or maybe you prefer tea? That’s available in pumpkin spice, too.

  29. I have also never participated in a seance or messed with a Ouija board. I’ve seen too many horror movies and I know what comes next.

  30. Yeah, if you don’t like jump scares, then a haunted house attraction is definitely not for you. I’ve been to a few, but I didn’t enjoy them. (I don’t like jump scares either.)

    Happy TTT on a Wednesday! My post:

  31. I love this!
    I haven’t visited a haunted house either, but I want to!
    Loved reading the list!

  32. I love Halloween but honestly I haven’t done many of these things either, so you’re not alone. I mainly just love to hand out candy and see all of the kids dressed up and having fun.

  33. I didn’t celebrate and still don’t Halloween either. I have had PSL though. 🙂 Most places have it available with alternative milks too. If you do ever try it, hope you enjoy. Thanks so much for visiting my website, Lydia.

  34. This is a great game of never have I ever. When we lived in Idaho, our friends threw adult Halloween parties. One year it was Harry Potter themed, and my husband and I went as villains–Professor Quirrell for him and Umbridge for me. It was a blast. But before we met this group–that was something we didn’t really do. But I love any excuse to dress up. Maybe you’ll have to throw your own Halloween party at some point, and you can check a few (of only the fun things) things off of your list!

  35. I’ve decorated the house and gone to adult Halloween parties, but I haven’t done the other stuff. I want to try a pumpkin spice latte someday. I want to know what the hype is about!

  36. Makes sense why you wouldn’t have done many of these things! I went out trick or treating as a kid but I haven’t usually celebrated as an adult. I do like watching cozy Halloween movies though

  37. I hate haunted houses! lol. I’ve only done them due to peer pressure when I was in High School/College. I’ve actually never been to an adult Halloween party either! Great post.

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