Top Ten Tuesday: Short Ghost Stories Everyone Should Read

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Sheets in a tree that were arranged to look like a ghost floating up in the branches.These freebie posts are so much fun!

Today I’m going to be sharing ten short ghost stories from around the world that everyone should read. Click on their titles to read them for free.

1. Hover” by Samantha Mabry 

Sometimes ghosts are more annoying than they are frightening.

2. Ngozi Ugegbe Nwa” by Dare Segun Falowo 

This is the perfect thing to read for anyone who likes antiquing or a good bargain.

3. Who Will Clean Our Spirits When We’re Gone?” by Tlotlo Tsamaase 

I was picturing spirits taking bubble baths when I read this title. Spoiler alert: that’s not exactly what the narrator had in mind.

4. Live Through This” by Nadia Bulkin

This was one of the most creative approaches to helping a spirit find peace in the afterlife that I’ve ever read about.

5. Joss Papers for Porcelain Ghosts” by Eliza Chan 

Are hauntings less scary if you know the person who is now a ghost?

6. “Therein Lies a Soul” by Osahon Ize-Iyamu 

Sometimes spirits become celebrities. This shows how a spirit might react to such an odd response from the living.

7. The Muse of Palm House” by Tobi Ogundiran 

Would you fall in love in with a ghost? I should warn my readers that this is rooted firmly in the horror genre, not in the romance one.

8. Emergent” by Rob Costello 

A haunting from the perspective of a dead person who acknowledges they’re dead but absolutely refuses to be referred to as a ghost.

9. The House Wins in the End” by L. Chan 

Imagine the typical plot from a haunted house story:

  • A new family moves into an old, abandoned home
  • Someone notices the first paranormal act
  • More paranormal acts follow
  • The family attempts to help the spirit(s) find peace
  • If it works, they stay at the home. If it doesn’t, they generally either die at the hands of the ghosts or move away.

This is about what happens to a haunted house after that basic plot has already played out.

10. The Stories We Tell About Ghosts” by A.C. Wise 

Two words: ghost hunters.


94 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Short Ghost Stories Everyone Should Read

  1. Great take on the freebie! I wish that I wasn’t a total chicken but I am and there’s nothing that would make me click on any of these links 😂 I’m sort of OK with gore and psychological horrors but anything ghosty or paranormal and I’m out! Haha

  2. Ooh! I don’t often read books that might freak me out [I’m a huge pussy, tbh], but.. I saved this post so I can maybe come back to it if I someday find myself in need of something creepy after all! 🙂

  3. Ooh this kind of stuff freaks me out 🙂 but I like the look of Live thru This and a couple of others as well. Interesting new takes are always good!

  4. Oh wow, thank you for this list and these links! Short Stories are such a great way to get into a genre — especially if the genre isn’t your usual cup of tea like for me and ghost stories!

  5. Thank you for visiting my TTT.
    As I said there, I probably wouldn’t choose ghost stories per se but I have come across some that I quite enjoyed. I will have to look at your list a little more closely, especially since we seem to have a similar reading taste.

    Happy Reading.

  6. I love me some ghost stories and these sounds awesome. I love that they are short stories! I’m going to have to read some of these later today!

  7. I was picturing spirits taking bubble baths when I read this title. Spoiler alert: that’s not exactly what the narrator had in mind. -This really made me laugh. XD I’m not that into anything paranormal anymore so I probably won’t read any of these, but I like your comments under each one!

  8. What a great theme! I don’t really read standalone short stories, well, I don’t really read ghost stories either… but I’ve bookmarked these for the future. I definitely need to expand my reading horizons. These will be fun when I need a small bite of something. Thanks, Lydia!

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