Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favourite Things to Do in the Spring

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I’ve been looking forward to this prompt for weeks. Spring is my favourite season, and it’s the nicest time of year in Ontario in my opinion! Some of the things on this list aren’t currently an option this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic and how much Toronto has been shut down to contain the spread of it, but my hope is that I can do all of these things next spring.

But all of items on this list are either free or inexpensive. As I’ve said on this blog before, I’m a frugal, minimalistic person who is easily amused. There simply isn’t a reason for me to spend a lot on entertainment the vast majority of the time.

So what tops my list of fun stuff to do in the spring?

Parks. Yes, I gave this as an answer last year for the Favourite Things to Do in the Summer prompt. I enjoy visiting parks even more during mild spring weather for picnics, walks, outdoor exercise, and maybe even a few minutes on the swing set if there’s a swing available.

The nice thing about this time of the year is that the sun hasn’t reached its full strength yet. While I always need protect my skin and eyes for medical reasons, I can spend more time outdoors now than in July or August.

Photography.  I love walking around and looking for new subjects for my photography hobby. Mild weather makes it easy to keep wandering until I’ve taken as many pictures as I want to before heading home to sort and edit them.

Festivals. There are very few parades in the spring in Toronto, but this is the beginning of festival season. I love getting out and about after a long winter spent mostly cooped indoors. There’s nothing like feeling the warm sun on your back as you listen to music or eat a delicious meal there.

Vegan Restaurants. I’m not vegan, but I love visiting vegan restaurants because they’re some of the only places on Earth I can go and order dessert due to my milk allergy! I usually don’t order  a full meal at them. A bowl of cashew ice cream or a brownie is more than enough to satisfy me. It’s cheaper, too, to have dinner at home and only pay for dessert when I’m out and about.

Farmers’ Markets. Have you noticed the food theme of this post? I honestly hadn’t thought about how many of my favourite things involve food in some way before I started writing it. But I think it’s a good idea to buy fresh, local produce at farmers’ markets to support local farms when possible. There are also some foods like gooseberries for sale there that I rarely see at conventional grocery stores.

A duck and her three ducklings swimming in a pond.Streams, Lakes, and Ponds. If Toronto were near the ocean, I would have added that to this list, too. Whether I’m paddling on them, sitting quietly on a ferry gliding through them, or watching from the edge of a watery place as duck families swim by, I love being near water no matter what form it takes. (Swimming isn’t on this list because it’s usually too chilly to swim outdoors in Ontario until summer begins).

Doors Open Toronto. Every spring, Toronto has a weekend where all sorts of historical buildings open to the public so we can see their architecture, get a glimpse of their areas that normally only staff members can see, and learn more about their history. This is the sort of nerdy, educational event that I adore.



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32 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favourite Things to Do in the Spring

  1. Wow, that sounds like a wonderful place with so much to visit and have a feast for the senses.

  2. I did detect a certain food theme here. 🙂 I do also miss some of the things we can’t do right now, but this is a great list of things to do when we can again. One of these days I want to visit Ontario, so this gave me some ideas of what to do. Thanks!

  3. Sydney Winward

    I’ve never been to a vegan restaurant but now I want to try! Both my husband and 2-year-old son have milk allergies. We haven’t had real milk or cheese in the fridge for years.

  4. My daughter is celiac and has discovered a wonderful restaurant that does desserts only for all kinds of allergies… mostly ice cream (and specializes in dairy/egg/nut free ice creams). It’s a local chain but oh-so-good! Unfortunately our parks closed down here right now. Will be so glad when we can get back to normal. Y’all stay safe!

  5. Mary Morgan

    So enjoyed your post, Lydia! I’m missing our parks and Farmer Market due to this virus, but I’m hoping by summer I can visit. Be safe and well! 🙂

  6. Wow, enjoyed your post. Yep, miss the visits to parks and visiting with people, farmer markets (The food is so much fresher than in the stores). Really enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing. Here’s mine.

  7. This is a lovely and refreshing post! Some ideas we can all look forward to with hope 💜

  8. I think foods are often a way we mark different times of the year. For instance, I usually don’t eat much ice cream, due to trying not to overdo desserts. But lately I’ve been craving it. Must be a comfort food kind of thing. Interesting post. We’ve never been camping north of the border, since I don’t have a passport–husband does. But maybe once the border is open again, we should head on up. I’ve heard there are some great parks up by you!

  9. All of these fun things! Spring here, in California, is usually pretty warm… But, I can’t wait to go out and explore once everything goes back to normal!

  10. I do love visiting parks. I usually do that in the summer months when the kids are home so we can all get outside for sun and exercise. I’m hoping this virus is well gone by then!

  11. Hopefully you are out and about doing these things again soon.

  12. Echo Ishii

    I love a good farmer’s market. I’ve never been to a vegan restaurant.

  13. Doors Open Toronto sounds really neat!

    Watching duck families is one of my favorite springtime things to do. Though lately I haven’t been where there are duck families as often as I used to — no ponds or rivers near my house, and I haven’t remembered to go while the ducklings were still little.

  14. Door Open Toronto sounds like my kind of jam! I’d love to participate in such an event. I’m a history buff, plus learning about architecture and how it shows the evolution of a city makes me happy.

    I also adore wandering farmer’s markets. I worry we won’t have them this year… But, I hope!

    • In that case, you’d definitely love Doors Open Toronto. I wish I could show you around there! 🙂

      Here’s hoping the farmer’s markets will be open this year.

  15. That’s a wonderful list of spring things to do, Lydia. And I was very interested in your vegan restaurant recommendation for desserts, especially the cashew icecream. Fascinating!

  16. I love to go walking in parks. Something to save for next year, I suppose.

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