Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover

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1. If you visit a new city, you immediately look for the nearest bookstore or library.

2. If you’ve ever taken a cruise, packing enough reading material is more important than remembering that extra outfit or having room for a souvenir.

3.You quote your favourite books without necessarily mentioning where those quotes came from.

4.You get excited when you meet someone who enjoys the same genre(s) you do.

5. If you’ve ever been hospitalized, you ask for new reading material when loved ones ask you what they can do to make your stay more comfortable.

photo of woman lying down on a stone wall while holding the pages of a book open.

6. You give baby-friendly board books as presents to families with new babies.

7. You’ve dreamt about your favourite characters or worlds.

8.Your local librarian recognizes you when they see you somewhere other than the library.

9. If you use online dating sites, your love of books is mentioned somewhere in your profile and you screen new potential partners at least in part based by whether or not they’re a reader.

10. Your pets get to have a story time, too.

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  1. Oh I laughed at 6.
    On occasion that has NOT gone down well – I bought a beautiful hardback Winnie the Pooh treasury gift for a christening ( the parents especially the mum are HUGE Disney fans especially Winnie) and I HEARD them talking at the bar at the after party saying ‘why has she got her a book? {child’s name} is a baby!’
    Still my default present though!

  2. Great list Lydia. I love #8. I can remember my husband’s astonishment when we went out for dinner one night and a woman came over to say hi. When he asked who she was and I told her it was the librarian, he commented that he knew I spent too much time there.

  3. OMG, having enough vacation reading material is crucial! Last year we took a cruise and I spend the night before we boarded the ship frantically buying more books for my Kindle because I didn’t think I brought enough books with me. (I was right to worry. I got SO MUCH READING done on that cruise. It was wonderful.)

  4. I don’t typically visit bookstores when I go to other places (although I love Powell’s Books in Portland and I really wish we had a Half-Price books here in Colorado), but I have dreamt about my favorite books (my book in edits originally came from a dream about my favorite characters) and I think one of the reasons I married my husband was because he loves books.

  5. Yes, I always give a book as part of my baby shower gift! I’m currently gathering books for my nephews 2nd birthday! Love spreading the love of reading.

  6. Meeting people that read the same genre books as you, is the best! And I may or may not do the quote thing without mentioning the books thing too!! hahaha
    Thank you for visiting my TTT

  7. I can totally relate to number 1. I love to discover new bookstores, especially since bookstore abroad tend to have a more diverse selection 🙂

  8. Oof, number four is so true. xD And if you mention liking at least two of the same books I like, then we’re obviously destined to be BFF. I have to say, I’ve never done story time with my pets, but we do have a normal tradition on Sunday where I read a book and they all gather round and cuddle with me. That’s close, right?

  9. These are so spot on, especially about finding a bookshop when visiting a new city! Number seven is so accurate–my sister just had a baby last October and you bet I got her newborn board books already, haha! I’m already anticipating the days when she’s older and I can share even more books with her. Perfect list!

  10. Thank you for visiting my TTT earlier.

    I had to nod to all of your points. Only one addition, I don’t use online dating sites but have put “reading” on all my social network pages like Facebook, Instagram etc. But I would screen new potential partners not just in part but totally on whether or not they’re a reader. ;_

    • You’re welcome.

      Yes, it’s good to identify yourself as a reader on social networking pages in general. That makes it a lot easier to make new friends!

  11. Oh my gosh, I didn’t even think about the fact that I always pack way too many books when I go out of town! 😂 That’s a really good one! Great answers! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love giving Baby Lit books to expecting mother friends–such darling illustrations and I love that they are all inspired by classic literature.

  13. Oh number 4 spoke to me — Urban fantasy was one of my favourite genres for the longest time (still is, though I am slowly getting back to reading more of it recently) and knowing someone liked such a specific genre just MADE MY DAY. YEAR. EVERYTHING.

  14. Awesome list, Lydia! I’v actually started thinking about what books I can give my friends who’ve recently had babies and I’ve never done that before 😂 I don’t have a library here but I have bumped into some of the women who work in the bookstore closest to me here and they recognise me too (and even asked whether I was on my way to the store)! Haha 🤣

    • Aww, I hope you think of some nice books to give to them.

      It’s cool that some of the people who work in your nearby bookstore recognize you!

  15. I feel called out by #3! I’ve been catching myself doing this a lot lately! Finding a partner who’s also a reader (even if in a different genre) would be a miracle at this point. That’s not counting all the times it gets awkward when I say that I actually enjoy reading in the *gasp* romance genre :/

  16. Great List <3 Haha I have been on a cruise and I packed waaay to many books 😀 And my go to baby shower gift is a book and a matching onesie (for example if the book is about dinosaurs I get an outfit with dinos on it!)

  17. These are all great. I particularly agree with the first two — not that I’ve been on a cruise per se, but while packing for anything always seems like a monumental chore, I always know which books I want to bring!

    • Honestly, I should have said trips in general for that one. Any trip where you can’t easily head over to a bookstore to find more reading material would work. 🙂

  18. It’s always fun to talk with fellow bookworms like on our respective blogs about a shared love of a favorite genre. 🙂 Thanks for the recent Finding Wonderland visits, Lydia.

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