Top Ten Tuesday: Titles That Would Make Good Band Names

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Close-up shot of piano keys.I decided to add what genre of music I think these imaginary bands would play, too!

1. Blinded by the Sun

Genre of Music: Happy Hardcore

2. The Go-Between 

Genre of Music: Caribbean. But I think I’d tweak their name to be “The Go-Betweens.”

3. Daddy Cool 

Genre of Music: Jazz

4. Men Without Art

Genre of Music: Modernized folk music from around the globe performed by a diverse group of musicians from those cultures. Their band name would be a misnomer for sure.

5. Lullabies for Little Criminals 

Genre of Music: Rock

6. Man-Eating Vegetables 

Genre of Music: Annoying but also strangely catchy tunes for young children. This band reserves the right to borrow from any other genre with no advanced notice.

7. Mystic River 

Genre of Music: Country

8. The Thorn Birds 

Genre of Music: Pop

9. Twelfth Night 

Genre of Music: Classical

10. Midnight’s Children 

Genre of Music: An R&B girl group. I choose to believe that Blue Ivy Carter would be one of their members, but I’ll leave it up to the rest of you to pick the others. 😉

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  1. This is certainly a fun prompt. It seems like almost any good title of a book, especially a poetic one, would make a good band title. Even if you just stuck with classics…Grapes of Wrath…Secret Garden…Things Fall Apart…Sound and the Fury….

  2. OMG, Man-Eating Vegetables is the perfect band name for the next group playing annoying-but-catchy kids’ songs! I can see it being a combination of parody songs and edutainment, but 100% ear worms.

  3. Haha, I saw “Daddy Cool” and “jazz” and my brain was like “oh neat, I wonder what kind of jazz music he plays” before I remembered this was, in fact, NOT a list of real musicians you matched with books. So I’d have to say you nailed that one especially well!

  4. Love that you’ve included the genres as well, Lydia! I can definitely see all of these being real bands (surprised they aren’t, some of these names are so awesome)! Daddy Cool, Mystic River, Midnight’s Children are my favourites. Such great choices 😍

  5. Man Eating Vegetables – I don’t know if I see them more as that one or two hit wonder with the really annoying summer song that plays on endless repeat in your head 😂.
    Men without Art sounds like a real 80’s group!

    • Heh, thanks! There was a similar sort of children’s band that visited Toronto a few years ago for one of our festivals. It was interesting.

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