Top Ten Tuesday: Titles That Would Make Good Band Names

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Close-up shot of piano keys.I decided to add what genre of music I think these imaginary bands would play, too!

1. Blinded by the Sun

Genre of Music: Happy Hardcore

2. The Go-Between 

Genre of Music: Caribbean. But I think I’d tweak their name to be “The Go-Betweens.”

3. Daddy Cool 

Genre of Music: Jazz

4. Men Without Art

Genre of Music: Modernized folk music from around the globe performed by a diverse group of musicians from those cultures. Their band name would be a misnomer for sure.

5. Lullabies for Little Criminals 

Genre of Music: Rock

6. Man-Eating Vegetables 

Genre of Music: Annoying but also strangely catchy tunes for young children. This band reserves the right to borrow from any other genre with no advanced notice.

7. Mystic River 

Genre of Music: Country

8. The Thorn Birds 

Genre of Music: Pop

9. Twelfth Night 

Genre of Music: Classical

10. Midnight’s Children 

Genre of Music: An R&B girl group. I choose to believe that Blue Ivy Carter would be one of their members, but I’ll leave it up to the rest of you to pick the others. 😉


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  1. I picked the Thorn Birds too, Men without Art? Would they come out dressed like cave men? or maybe Wall Street business men?

  2. Great list! Midnight’s Children would be such a good band name, and so would Man-Eating Vegetables.

  3. Great picks, Lydia! Daddy Cool absolutely sounds like a jazz band. 🙂

  4. Christine @ LifeWithAllTheBooks

    Great choices! Midnight’s Children is a good one!

  5. This is certainly a fun prompt. It seems like almost any good title of a book, especially a poetic one, would make a good band title. Even if you just stuck with classics…Grapes of Wrath…Secret Garden…Things Fall Apart…Sound and the Fury….

  6. I would definitely buy an album from a band called ‘man-eating vegetables’! and I love the name ‘lullabies for little criminals’! This is a cool list:)

    My TTT:

  7. My college roommate tried to get me to read The Thornbirds FOR YEARS but I just never got around to it. Would definitely be a good band name!!

  8. Poinsettia

    I like the sound of Mystic River and The Thorn Birds as band names!

  9. My favourite is Lullabies for Little Criminals! I think it’s one of my favourites from all the many lists. 🙂

    My TTT

  10. Blinded by the Sun sounds like a great one!!

  11. Great choices! Man-Eating Vegetables made me laugh. 🙂

  12. Daddy Cool would definitely make a great jazz band name. I also like Mystic River a lot. Fun list. 🙂

  13. These are all good, but I really like The Go-Betweens, Men Without Art, and Midnight’s Children.

  14. What a great list! I would definitely listen to Man-eating Vegetables! 😀

  15. These are all so good! I never released before this topic how many book titles would make awesome band names ♡

  16. Daddy Cool sounds like such a perfect jazz name! Great list, and thanks for checking out my blog :).

  17. Oooh I like Midnight’s Children! I also like Twelfth Night! I can so picture that as classical music! 🙂


  18. Daddy Cool definitely has a jazz vibe to it.

  19. The Go-Between would be an awesome band!

  20. Great post, love Lullabies for Little Criminals as a name

  21. I would totally listen to a band named Daddy Cool!

  22. Lullabies for Little Criminals is an awesome pick! Agree on the genre too 😀

  23. OMG, Man-Eating Vegetables is the perfect band name for the next group playing annoying-but-catchy kids’ songs! I can see it being a combination of parody songs and edutainment, but 100% ear worms.

  24. Midnight’s Children is a brilliant band name! Love that you also added the genre of music for each of these! 🙂

  25. I super love the name Lullabies for Little Criminals.

  26. I would totally listen to Midnight’s Children 🙂

  27. Wonderful list. I think my favorite is Mystic River!

  28. Man-Eating Vegetables- love that one. 🙂 I like The Go- Betweens as well- makes me think of some cool steel drum music!

  29. Man-Eating Vegetables could also be a rock band 🤣 Great list!

  30. Love the way you organized the titles by music genre.

  31. RS

    Haha, I saw “Daddy Cool” and “jazz” and my brain was like “oh neat, I wonder what kind of jazz music he plays” before I remembered this was, in fact, NOT a list of real musicians you matched with books. So I’d have to say you nailed that one especially well!

  32. Man-Eating Vegetables made me laugh out loud! Great, unique choices! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    See my post here!

  33. Mystic River is my favorite! Great job.

  34. Man Eating Vegetables, I love it. Great list.

  35. Great list! I would totally listen to these bands! 🙂

  36. Lullabies for Little Criminals is a perfect pick!

  37. Lullabies for Little Criminals – love that!

  38. Those sound too real!! I am inordinately fond of Man-Eating Vegetables… 😀

  39. I love that you noted the sort of music the band would play, too! Daddy Cool would make a fabulous jazz band name! Lullabies for Little Criminals is great, too! Your list is fantastic.

  40. Lullabies for Little Criminals is a great book, and it makes a great name for a rock band!

  41. Love that you’ve included the genres as well, Lydia! I can definitely see all of these being real bands (surprised they aren’t, some of these names are so awesome)! Daddy Cool, Mystic River, Midnight’s Children are my favourites. Such great choices 😍

  42. I like that you included the genres. It really helps get a feel of your inspiration behind choosing that book title. 🙂

  43. Man Eating Vegetables – I don’t know if I see them more as that one or two hit wonder with the really annoying summer song that plays on endless repeat in your head 😂.
    Men without Art sounds like a real 80’s group!

  44. Oh you’ve got fab picks here – I love the Man-Eating Vegetables and Lullabies for Little Criminals!

  45. Great choices! Love the sound of The Go Between and Mystic River.

  46. I completely agree about Man Eating Vegetables — it has kids’ music written all over it! I admit, Daddy Cool is … very cool sounding!

  47. Fantastic Band names. Daddy Cool used to be a song in the seventies, ever heard it?

    From your list, I’ve read The Thorn Birds and Midnight’s Children, both great ideas for a band name. I love how you added the genre you think they might represent.

  48. Love that you added genres to this – such a good idea!

  49. Man-Eating-Vegetables would be a really fun name. I would listen to them.

  50. These are all great. Could totally picture them as band names. Man Eating Vegetables gave me a good laugh too. Made me think of the Wiggles.

  51. I’d definitely listen to Midnight’s Children!

  52. Man-Eating Vegetables has me intrigued. I love your description for them!

    • Heh, thanks! There was a similar sort of children’s band that visited Toronto a few years ago for one of our festivals. It was interesting.

  53. I love your picks! Men without Art, Midnight’s Children, Daddy Cool, all of them sound perfect! Sorry for commenting so late, to make up I’ll comment on your recent posts as well!
    Priyanka @A Booklion’s Hideaway

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