Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: 5 Items I Can’t Live Without

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I interpreted this week’s prompt to be a slightly tongue-in-cheek question about the unique things that give our lives meaning. That is to say, I won’t be mentioning food, water, oxygen, or other stuff that every human needs to stay alive. I’m also assuming necessities like glasses or medicine aren’t supposed to be included. Here’s hoping you all interpreted it in similar ways!

Internet Access. You all might giggle at this, but I often choose vacation destinations based on whether they have Internet access and how strong their signal might be. While I do spend most of my vacation time offline having adventures, I really like being able to text the people I travel with or google the history of the places I visit.

Stories. They can come in the form of books, TV shows, films, or true anecdotes about my loved ones.  I adore stories of every shape, size, and origin.

closeup of four chocolate bars with assorted nut and fruit add-ins Spending Time in Nature. Yes, most of the time this involves visiting urban parks where I still have that all-important Internet access. LOL! There is something so soothing about being surrounded by trees, grass, flowers, and the occasional babbling brook. It’s even better if I can take a long, brisk walk through it. I sleep like a baby after those excursions.

Non-Competitive Games. That is to say, I love playing board and card games if no one cares about winning and/or if we play a game that encourages everyone to cooperate to reach their goals. I adore banter and the silly things people discuss when they’re playing a game whose only purpose is to encourage everyone to spend time together.

Dairy-Free Chocolate. Any dentists participating in the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge may not approve of this answer, but I relish good chocolate. It’s the best sort of sweet there is in my opinion. I even like 100% chocolate that contains little to no added sugar in it. An adult relative was once surprised by how much little Lydia liked dark chocolate, especially since they’d just finished telling me that it wasn’t something children liked.







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18 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: 5 Items I Can’t Live Without

  1. Dark chocolate can be really good. I’m not for the super bitter versions, but it’s good.

  2. Definitely in agreement on nature and stories. I’d like to think I could manage without internet, if I was in a stimulating environment, but I’ve been plugged in for 25+ years now. I think it’s safe to say I’m a hopeless addict.

  3. I don’t want to go on any vacations without internet access either. Connectivity all the way!

  4. Thanks for coming by… and internet access is a given (of course Marianne won’t let me go anywhere I can’t work ;-))

    and re: Instant Pot… get the real name brand one. It’s worth the difference to not get a generic.

  5. I agree with all these! I was just camping at the Grand Canyon, so I was in Nature which I love… But the Internet access was hit and miss, so I was frustrated too. Luckily, I had stories to read. :). Great post!

  6. Internet access – absolutely. I don’t know where I’d be without it.

  7. Definitely with you on the chocolate!

  8. The Internet and nature are definitely “items” that I can’t live without either.

    Non-competitive games are fun. What are some of your favourites?

    • Forbidden Desert is a ton of fun. It’s about a spaceship that crashes on a desert planet. All of the players must work together to find the scattered pieces of the ship and put them together before you run out of water.

      Pandemic is great, too, if you don’t mind games about that topic at the moment. In that one you work together to find the cure which I find cathartic. 🙂

      • Have you tried the “Plague, Inc: The Cure” game? Plague Inc is a game in which you play as a virus/bacteria/fungi creating an epidemic, and grow in response to governments trying to kill you — but last year the company released an expansion called The Cure in which there’s an epidemic and you play as someone orchestrating a global effort to counter it. It’s free to play until “coronavirus is under control”, so as far as I know it’s still free.

        ALSO, 112 Operator (a…police/fire/paramedics dispatching game) has a new DLC out that’s a pandemic-response scenario. I haven’t tried that one, but I am curious about their zombie apocalypse scenario, “The Last Duty”…;)

        • Ooh, no I haven’t!

          Thank you very much for the recommendation. I’m heading over right now to check out your post and the game. It sounds awesome.

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