Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: A  Celebrity I’d Like to Meet

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A black and white photo of Fred Rogers that looks like it was taken in the 1960s or 1970s. He is smiling ,has a full head of hair, and is wearing a white shirt and tie underneath a cabled sweater.

Fred Rogers. Photo credit: Terry Arthur

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If Long and Short Reviews is secretly hiding their ability to bring back deceased celebrities, I’d love to meet Fred Rogers.

If Long and Short Reviews does not currently have any magical abilities, I’d pick Dwayne Johnson.

Why? It’s simple.

I prefer spending time with people who are kind and thoughtful.

From what I’ve read, both Fred and Dwayne are – or were – well-known for being genuinely good human beings.

I’ve read so many stories about both of them going out of their way to make other people’s lives better in both small and life-changing ways.

A photo of the American actor Dwayne Johnson. He is wearing a button-down blue shirt, a suit, and is smiling.

Dwayne Johnson. Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi

There are other celebrities out there whose work I’ve admired, but I have no idea what they may be like behind closed doors.

Maybe they’re also fantastic, of course, but all I know about them comes from what they’ve created and not what their personal lives may or may not be like.

Therefore, I’m going to pick people who have developed strong reputations as individuals who are a joy to be around every single time.

Life is short and sometimes difficult, so why not choose the most agreeable company you can?

Also, wouldn’t you love to see Mr. Rogers react to one of Dwayne’s comedic films? I think that would be delightful.



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8 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: A  Celebrity I’d Like to Meet

  1. Ah, such good choices. You’re right, you never hear anything bad about either of them, which seems a rarity these days.

  2. Fred Rogers inspired so many children, myself included. Such a huge influence on me. Excellent choices, both of them.

    My post

  3. I liked Mr. Rogers too. Less familiar with Dwayne Johnson’s work, but I’ve heard good things about him.

    • Mr. Roger was so beloved.

      Dwayne Johnson has done a lot of comedies. I’m not sure if you’d like his style or not, but I think they’re great films to watch when you want something light and fluffy.

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