Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Authors I Wish More People Knew About

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I blog about my favourite authors, well-known and otherwise, so often that I had to do a little thinking to come up with some new recommendations for today’s prompt. As usual, this list is going to be a little eclectic.

Open book. There is a dog, park, lamp, and person carrying an umbrella walking on it. They're all miniature. Chesya Burke. The only book I’ve read from her so far was Let’s Play White, but it impressed me so much that I’ve added her to the list of authors I want to read everything from in the future. She does a wonderful job of capturing a moment and then expanding it to show how a few minutes truly can change everything for a character.

Jason Arnopp. He wrote the delightfully scary, “A Sincere Warning About the Entity In Your Home.” While I’ve seriously cut back on how much horror I read, he’s still at the top of the list when people who like that genre want some fresh, new names.

Mary Oliver. So many of the people I know never read poetry. I’ve sadly lost nearly all of my interest in the genre, but I still enjoy Mary’s practical, down-to-earth approach to the subject. Her work is a wonderful introduction to poetry for people who have never gotten into it, and our world is a sadder place now that she’s no longer part of it.

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  1. I haven’t read anything by these authors, but they sound like they write interesting books. I like the sound of Mary Oliver’s work about poetry. I’m afraid I don’t read very much poetry these days, but my parents gave me a book of poetry with a mix of many different poets when I was a child and I loved going through the book and reading various poems. I also read poems to my children from that book and often give the book to new parents.

  2. Well, it’s the right time of year for a horror story, isn’t it? I’m really loving this prompt and the sheer variety of recommendations it’s producing. I don’t think I’ve seen a duplicate yet!

    My list is here.

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