Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Best Fictional Siblings and Why

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Silhouettes of Aslan the lion, the four Pevensie children, a talking beaver, and the faun Lucy met in the woods on her first visit to Narnia. It was while typing up this blog post that I realized how many of the books I’ve read recently were about only children. I wonder if more authors are writing about only children these days or if I’ve just happened to hit a streak of stories on that topic?

The Pevensies from C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia series get my vote for best fictional siblings because of how realistically their relationships were written. Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy didn’t always like each other. They sometimes quarrelled and occasionally played unkind tricks on each other as all siblings have done since the beginning of time.

It can be hard for some kids to grow up with siblings and always have to compete with them for time, attention, and special favours, especially during the 1940s when so many of those things were in short supply due to World War II and the aftermath of it.

What really endeared me to these siblings, though, was their undying love for each other.

Yes, they irritated the stuffing out of one another at times, but they were also fiercely loyal to and protective of their family. Just because they teased their siblings mercilessly about certain subjects didn’t mean anyone else was allowed to mess with them!

That really rang true to my experience growing up with my siblings. Silly little squabbles may come and go as you all figure out how to become grownups, but family is forever.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by! It broke my heart when Susan grew up and was no longer a friend of Narnia…. but so happy at the end of the series.

  2. What a great answer! The Narnia kids are flawed but normal.

  3. A fine example of brothers and sisters.

  4. It really is hard for me to find a better pick than the Pevensies for this prompt. They just seem so realistic as siblings.

  5. I’ve never read them, but I’ve seen the films. Good choice.

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