Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Describe Your Fashion Sense

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My fashion sense is comfortable and practical.

I tend to gravitate towards dark shades of purple, red, blue and green because those colours look best on me. (Especially purple!)

A white woman who is wearing a dark red t shirt, black sneakers, and a pair of jeans is sitting on some wooden bleachers in front of a brick wall. She has loosely curly brown hair, is wearing sunglasses and a watch, is holding a grey jacket, and is smiling as she leans her right arm on her left knee and leans forward towards the audience. Here’s a photo of me from last autumn so you can see what I typically wear. Jeans, yoga pants, and subtle shirts that generally don’t have any writing, logos, or obvious designs are what fill up my wardrobe for the most part.

I buy clothing that can be washed in a regular washing machine with as little fuss over it as possible. (That is to say, no ironing or dry cleaning, please.) Rarely, I’ll splurge on something that needs to be air dried if I otherwise love it, but the rest of the time I prefer clothes that can be tossed into the dryer without a second thought.

Softness is important, too, so I avoid scratchy fabrics like wool or lace. I want my clothing to move naturally with my body, provide adequate coverage from the elements, be okay if it gets a splash of mud on it while I’m out in nature, and to impede my movements as little as possible.

Brand names mean almost nothing to me when it comes to clothing. This was different before fast fashion became so ubiquitous and drove down the quality in so many stores, but I’ve noticed that some brands I used to spend more money on are no longer worth it. The $50 shirts from higher end stores tend to fall apart just as fast as the $10 shirt I picked up on sale at a fast fashion store these days, so why bother spending more in most cases?

(I sincerely hope this changes. I would happily spend more on clothing if it were constructed better and if more of the profits were passed onto the workers who sewed and/or sold it. But if it’s all equally poorly made and the workers often aren’t treated well either way, I’d rather keep my attire budget smaller and save or donate the rest).

I do tend to buy name brand shoes because my feet still notice a big difference between thrifty, poorly-made shoes that wear out in a month or two and better-made shoes that I can wear for the entire year. So I suppose that is one area where certain brands matter to me.

To be honest, fashion isn’t something I think much about aside from what I said earlier. If I ever have more money than I know what to do with, I might hire someone to show me other styles that might suit me. For now, though, I’m happy with my practical and thrifty wardrobe.


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16 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Describe Your Fashion Sense

  1. We have the same fashion sense and same priorities! I’m not much of a shopper and don’t know one brand from another, or how to pronounce a lot of them! I do try to buy Sketchers for shoes, because they last and they’re usually the right, comfortable fit for me, and sometimes will even pay full price. 😉

  2. Your fashion sense is compatible with mine.

    A wee bit of snobbery I left out of my post: Grandmother was a professional dressmaker. I did not inherit the skill, though I was taught enough that I could pick it up if it becomes commercially valuable again. I did inherit the idea that being *proud* of off-the-rack clothes is ridiculous. They. Don’t. Even. Fit!

    • It’s so cool that you could be a dressmaker! What an awesome skill. I am not good at sewing at all.

      But, yeah, off-the-rack clothing often fits horribly on just about everyone.

  3. Im not one for brand names either, the general quality certainly seems to have gone down over the years. I also hate ironing. I think it’s such a pointless and time consuming task. I’m glad my washing machine has an easy iron function, which usually means minimal creases.

  4. Definitely with you on simplicity and avoiding logos and the like. I have a ‘uniform’ that I’ve developed over the years.

  5. My wife has a fetish for purple. Nice picture.

  6. Same. Comfort is most important. I also like clothes to fit me without constricting me and can withstand whatever I’m up to. I do tend to air dry but more to make clothing last longer so I don’t have to go shopping again for as long as possible! I don’t care about brans fir prestige, I tend to find a few that I know my size in and the styles that are comfy so I can order online pretty reliably. Other that that I do not care. Comfort over fashion all the way! And agreed on pricing! (I’d rather spend it on books!)

  7. I completely agree with you on the price of clothing! I’d be happy to pay the prices if the quality was good and the workers were compensated.

  8. Your wardrobe sounds a bit more colorful than mine, but I’m completely with you on keeping it simple and easy to care for. The only thing I’d add is that I’m a big fan of pockets; I wear a lot of cargo pants and cargo shorts because I can just slide my kindle into a side pocket and go.

    • Ooh, pockets, yes!

      Last month I bought two pairs of men’s cargo shorts that have deep pockets so I could avoid carrying a purse this summer. They are awesome.

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