Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favorite Things to Do in the Summer

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I’ve been looking forward to this prompt for ages! I can’t wait to get to know all of you a little better.

While spring is my favourite season in Toronto, the wonderful thing about summer here is how many different types of events are scheduled during it. I’m frugal and minimalistic, so everything I’ll mention in this post is either free or inexpensive.

Concerts. Pop and R&B have been my favourite types of music since childhood, but I can find something likeable about many other genres, too. Toronto has many free or low-cost concerts every summer that I enjoy checking out. There is nothing like listening to a singer or band perform on a warm day. You might even catch me dancing a little bit if no one is glancing in my direction!

Parks. As you’ve all heard in previous Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge posts, I enjoy the outdoors. Walking, trying to identify plants, playing badminton, snapping photographs, and visiting the zoo are some of the many things I’d enjoy at the park. If my husband agrees, maybe we’ll even have a picnic in the park before it gets too hot outside.

Beaches. I need to be mindful of how much sunlight I’m exposed to for medical reasons, but I still love going to the beach on occasion.  There’s nothing like building a sandcastle, going swimming, or even simply strolling down a boardwalk and doing some friendly people watching there.

Parades and Festivals. This is the time of year when Toronto has a parade or festival for almost anything you can imagine: race/ethnicity/cultural celebrations from every corner of the globe, jazz (among many other types of music), eco-friendly lifestyles, the LGBT+ community, the vegan/vegetarian community, and more. I don’t necessarily attend the same events every summer, but I do like to pick a few different things to check out depending on the weather and how much time I’ve spent in the sun lately. It’s delightful to be surrounded by so many happy people who share some sort of common experience or label.

Museums. Call me Hermione Granger, but learning is always my idea of a good time. Whether it’s art, science, history, or another topic entirely, there is definitely something to be said for spending a few hours in a nice, air-conditioned museum on a muggy day.

Volunteering. I recently began volunteering at a few new places, and I’m thrilled to help those organizations out. Summer seems like a great time of year to do this in general since so many volunteers tend to go on vacations then. Taking breaks is important and necessary, but it also means that many non-profit groups are looking for more folks to fill in the gaps in their schedules now.

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19 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favorite Things to Do in the Summer

  1. I just love how you included minimalist and frugal lifestyle into your answers! I’m minimalist with a capsule wardrobe and fell in love with your answers. If i’m ever up in Canada I will have to check out what it has to offer!! I completely agree on taking pictures – did not even think of that or going to the local museums! Ours have $5 glasses of wine on a certain day (you bet im going!)

  2. I love the list. You’re right–sometimes it’s more fun to do things that are frugal. Plus, you get to meet lots of people. Museums, parks and free concerts are a blast. Good list!

  3. No question Lydia, concerts and the beach are my favorite summer things too

  4. I think your list is a lot better than mine. (Though I’m pretty sure I’d get out more in the summer if I was considerably farther north…)

  5. Amy

    It’s too freaking hot here to even think about an outdoor concert. However, one of the local casinos does shows by their pool. They even have a swim-up bar. Now, that I could get behind. LOL

    • Could you do an evening concert? I find it too hot here to do much daytime stuff here in July and August (unless water is involved), but the evenings can be nice once the sun goes down.

      A swim-bar sounds incredible.

  6. Thanks for stopping by! I love your list of things to do… great ideas!

  7. I love open-air concerts. Haven’t been to one in a while – I’ll have to look around.

  8. I wish I lived closer to a beach! I love the ocean <3 Sounds like you have a lot of awesome things you can do this summer!

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