Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favourite Poems and Short Stories from Black Writers

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In light of the protests happening in the U.S. and across the world, everyone I recommend today is a black or African-American writer. I stand with Black Lives Matter and the other protestors in their fight against racism, violence, and oppression.

May we all one day know a peaceful and just word.

I chose these specific works because of the vivid imagery in them. All of these writers excel at creating unforgettable worlds with a few carefully-chosen words.

That’s the sort of writing that grabs my attention immediately and makes me want to read everything else that author or poet has ever written.


I, Too, Sing America by Langston Hughes

Mortality by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Caged Bird by Maya Angelou

The Blue Dress by Saeed Jones

A Poem for Ella Fitzgerald by Sonia Sanchez

Short Stories

Everyday Use  by Alice Walker

Africanfuturist 419 by Nnedi Okorafor

The Devil in America by Kai Ashante Wilson

The Space Traders by Derrick Bell

The City Born Great by N.K. Jemisin


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34 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Favourite Poems and Short Stories from Black Writers

  1. Good choices, thanks for sharing! I’m about 50/50 on the ones I’ve heard of.

  2. I have always loved Langston Hughes.
    The Space Traders was made as part of an anthology show sometime in the ’80’s I believe.

  3. Sydney Winward

    I need to brush up on my poetry. I’ve only read about half!

  4. Great choices. I picked mine with the recent events in my mind, too. 🙂

  5. You’ve got some really interesting choices there – I don’t know half as many as I should!

  6. Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou are some of my favorites. Great choices.

  7. Good Choices. Not familiar with all of them, but Langston Hughes and Maya ANgelou are ones I like. Thanks for sharing. Here’s mine.

  8. I’ve taught and enjoyed many a Langston Hughes poem. Thanks for coming by.

  9. Awesome list! It’s so hard to understand why we can’t treat every human being with respect, kindness, and dignity. I hope the protests bring about real and permanent change ♡

  10. Amy

    Nice selection! I really enjoy N. K. Jemisin, will have to look for that short story.

  11. Wonderful list and I applaud your support in ending systemic racism against our black brothers and sisters. Maya Angelou gives me chills. Anytime I see one of her spoken word recordings she takes me on an emotional journey. She’s one of my heroes.

    I chose a poem this week:

  12. That’s quite a list, and I appreciate your choice of themes. Thanks for dropping by earlier!

  13. A wonderful list, thanks. I’ll definitely chase up the NK Jemisin. I keep hearing amazing things about her work and been wanting to read some for ages.

  14. I don’t know very much about poetry. But Everyday Use by Alice Walker sounds interesting!

  15. I’ll have to give these a try – quite a few I don’t know here.

  16. I know most of the poets, but I’ll have to check out the stories! The only one I’ve read is N.K. Jemisin’s. Thanks for the list!

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