Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: If I Won a Large Lottery Jackpot, I Would….

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This is going to be an eclectic list.

Get All of My Dental Work Done at Once. It’s non-urgent and is being done slowly and as necessary. If I had a windfall of cash, I’d bite the bullet (metaphorically speaking) and get everything checked off the to-do list as soon as possible.

Woman holding a gift wrapped in gold paper and a gold ribbon Buy Ethical, Local, and Eco-Friendly Stuff. I’d buy as much food, clothing, shoes, electronics, and other various household items from local merchants and farmers as is possible here in southern Ontario.   Buying local can be more ecologically friendly in general, so I’d keep an eye out for businesses that were cognizant of that as well. There’s something to be said for supporting small businesses and your local economy if you have the extra money to do so.

Donate Anonymously. For example, homeless shelters and food banks have always needed donations, and the demand for their services is sadly higher than ever. They should focus on the fact that they suddenly had more resources to help people going through tough times and not worry about giving me credit for anything. I’m too bashful to pose for photo-ops. LOL!

Hire A Housekeeper. I would pay them handsomely to come over for a couple of days a week to clean, shop for groceries, and do laundry. It would be wonderful to have the time I currently invest in that stuff freed up for other pursuits, although I do feel a little selfish to even mention this. It would be such a big splurge.

Buy an Annual Membership to My Local Art Museum. I used to go there occasionally before this darn pandemic began. I’d love to have the freedom to go as often as I pleased and during quiet times of the day when there aren’t any lines to see any of the paintings.

Treat My Family to a Vacation. That is to say, I’d take my spouse, parents, siblings, nephews, and sister-in-law on whatever sort of trip everyone agreed upon. I’d pay all expenses and try to convince them to accept some spending cash, too. Money is only as good as the memories it makes and the joy it brings to others.


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24 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: If I Won a Large Lottery Jackpot, I Would….

  1. I would LOVE to be able to support local more than I do (and I actually do a lot, but…)

    I keep toying with the idea of opening a zero waste store where folks can buy things (cleaning supplies, shampoo, cat litter, other consumables) and have containers they bring in for refills only. We have one in one of the towns here and I LOVE it. I wish it was closer.

    I like how you’ve straddled the line between big dreams and being practical 🙂

  2. I find it so frustrating some time that we do have to choose between buying local and eco friendly and watching our budget. Great post.

  3. I’m glad you would donate to charities, giving back is important.

  4. I would definitely have a housekeeper…. and a yard man. Of course, if I weren’t working, then the house wouldn’t be such an issue (except the bathrooms… I want someone to come in and do my bathrooms).

  5. The dental work is smart. I had all of mine done in about a quarter-year. It derailed several plans but was worth it to get it over with!

    If I won a lottery, after paying off my parents’ mortgage, I’d look for land and buy a place removed from towns and set far enough off a highway that I could be there and not see or hear a soul besides the deer and birds. Then I’d build a little cabin with a sturdy storm-proof basement, and maybe something for a couple of horses. The property would be big enough for rides & different walks. 🙂

  6. Good list. I think most of us would use the money for a mixture of personal desires and trying to make the world a better place.

  7. I like your balance of kinds of uses here. I would probably increase my donations, set some money aside for my niece and nephew to use for college or as a nest egg, and then see if there was an advanced degree I wanted to pursue. I have my Bachelor’s, but I’ve thought off and on about getting a Master’s degree that would open more specialized career areas.

  8. Good ideas, especially the dental work and hiring a housekeeper.

  9. I would for sure donate to causes as well. I forgot to include that in my post and I always try to donate when I can so I for sure would do that if I had a bunch of cash coming in. Being humble is always important if you ask me and I believe in karma for sure.

  10. “Money is only as good as the memories it makes and the joy it brings to others.” Nicely said! And true. That’s a great idea. i like the idea of helping homeless shelters and food banks as well.

  11. RS

    This is my last comment today, but I love reading everyone’s answers to this question any time, any place, and yours is no exception! Those are all amazing ideas (but oof, I feel you on dental work). I was so sorry I missed this weekly topic; I’m going to try and work on a post for it in the future anyway. It’s just too fun a scenario to dream about.

    (And honestly, I’d love to BE the housekeeper in your scenario! Work with Responsibility stress me out, but I can totally do housework & errands, in the absence of being a millionaire Lady of Leisure myself.)

    • Your comments are delightful, RS. 🙂 You should totally write a post for this topic whenever you have time for it.

      And that’s awesome that you find housework and errands so stress-free.

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