Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Least Favourite Chore and Why

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Person dusting a glass light fixture and a mirror. Dusting and sweeping are my least favourite chores. There is no carpet in my apartment, so these two chores sort of meld together.

Due to my environmental allergies, cleaning up dust often makes me cough and sneeze which can stir up more dust in a never-ending cycle of airway irritation and puffs of dust floating away.

This is the kind of housework that has no scope for the imagination in it. I can dance to music or listen to an audiobook while washing dishes, folding laundry, or even scrubbing a tub.

Dusting, though, requires such precise movements to ensure that I get every last irritating little mote of it that I struggle to make it amusing in any way.

This is also one of those chores that never ends.

I can hand wash a load of dishes or fold a load of laundry and see visual evidence that I’ve done good work and that it’s finished now.

Dust settles everywhere all of the time. You might think you’ve swept up the last of it only to find yet another corner of the house that needs attention. Everyone is shedding skin cells and hair right this minute that will soon clump up and create more dust bunnies.

It’s such a minor problem to have in life, and yet I still wish I could skip this chore forever.



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14 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Least Favourite Chore and Why

  1. With your health issues, I can see this. The dad of one of my friends had emphysema and she had to keep the house as dust free as she could when she was a teenager. Everyday with a damp rag and a mop. Have you tried the swifters? They seem to trap more dust to me. Good luck!

  2. Urgh. Yeah, dusting is very high on the list of Necessary Evils in my life. And I didn’t even think to mention allergies in my own answer, when actually they’re a big part of it too.

  3. I hate mopping the floors. We have 3 dogs, so we have to do it often, and it never stays clean for very long.

  4. Ann

    I don’t like when dust gets in places that are hard to reach. Dust collects on the bookshelf and every time I get a book from there I always find dust.

  5. Tammy Schoch

    We are replacing our curtains with blinds, and also painting the window frames, which never has been done since they were put in over 5 years ago. This resulted in us removing large amounts of hidden dust that had accumulated in little corners over the last five years. It was unbelievable.

  6. Dusting is not fun. I can relate to “seeing evidence” that you accomplished something! I actually enjoy laundry for that reason!

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