Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Favourite Food

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A table decorated for a fancy meal. The focus of the shot is one place setting upon which three white plates of various sizes that have green and pink floral designs printed on them are stacked on top of each other. The biggest one is on the bottom and the smallest on top. There is a light brown cloth napkin rolled up in a darker brown napkin holder that is sitting on the smallest plate. A clear wine glass is sitting to the right of the stack of plates, and there is a striped grey and red tablecloth on the table. Everything else in the background is out of focus, but it looks like there is a thick light brown candle surrounded by greenery of some sort in the centre of the table. Strawberries are my favourite food.

When they’re in season, I eat them every single day by themselves, mixed in with almond milk and a little honey or sugar as a fairly healthy dessert, as a topping for pancakes, cereal, or ice cream, in a mixed fruit salad, or occasionally as strawberry shortcake.

When they’re not in season, I buy frozen strawberries for smoothies and might buy strawberry jam to put on my toast, too.

I like the occasional bit of tartness you find in strawberries. I prefer completely sweet berries, of course, but it is fun to be surprised by other flavours.

They complement so many different types of snacks and meals. I can’t get enough of them.


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16 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: My Favourite Food

  1. I like strawberries, too, though I prefer fruit to have a bit of a sour bite.

  2. Strawberries are also an excellent complement for chocolate! Love this choice.

  3. Strawberries are one of my favorite berry, even though they aren’t technically a berry.

    If you get brave, try them sometime with balsamic vinegar and basil. I chop them up and put a little of balsamic and some basil and eat it like a salad. Sometimes I through in goat or feta cheese as well. I love it that way.

  4. Wendy Williams

    Strawberries are my daughter’s favorite food too.

  5. Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Strawberries are close to the top of my list of favorite fruits. Grandmama used to grow rows and rows of them… they were so good right off the vine. Usually managed to get more in me than in the bucket!

  6. Strawberries were my #1 pick too.

  7. I do like strawberries. My dad used to grow them, and I’m convinced they tasted better than in a supermarket.

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