Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: One Meal Everyone Should Try

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I believe everyone should try meals that they did not grow up eating from places in the world their (recent) ancestors did not come from or live in. Of course, this means that the answer will be different for everyone!

Shish Kabob, rice, and other East African food. In my case, this means trying meals from different African countries and cultures since none of the small towns I grew up in offered anything like that.

I’ve only done it once so far at a nice little Ethiopian restaurant here in Toronto and once or twice at other places, but I hope to do it more often once this pandemic ends. There are so many other cuisines to try from that continent. I know I’ve barely even scratched the surface so far.

Sadly, I can’t find my photos of those meals, so here’s a stock photo of similar East African food instead.

It is so much fun to taste new dishes and try new combinations of spices! I can’t recommend it highly enough.


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12 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: One Meal Everyone Should Try

  1. That would be nice to try, there’s not any diners like that in Albuquerque, but there are lots of Vietnamese and Thai places that I like.

  2. Agreed! I’ve actually gotten to eat Ethiopian food, and I remember enjoying it — and also being darkly amused, because I’m of exactly the right age that the main thing I learned about Ethiopia in school was that they didn’t have any food. We’re lucky to live in an area where there are a lot of different kinds of restaurants around.

  3. I really enjoy Ethiopian food. There used to be a good one a few blocks away from my house. Great suggestion.

  4. I’ve tried Ethiopian food once at a local restaurant. I was impressed with how tasty the meat was, although I’m not convinced my friends agreed.

  5. I have not had much African food, but what few dishes I’ve had have been delicious. I lived in Asia for 4 years in Japan and Korea and tried a lot of food there and LOVED it.

  6. Agreed, I do think that everyone should try foods outside of their hometown areas! I have had and enjoyed Ethiopian food as well, but my favorite food (so far) that’s outside of my childhood experience has been Indian food. I just love naan and the variety of curries. My mom didn’t cook a lot of spicy food at home, and we never went to an Indian restaurant when I was young, so it’s only as an adult that I’ve discovered my love of curry.

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