Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: People Who Inspire Me

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Every few months, the Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge poses a question that makes me wish I could peek into all of your drafts folders as I’m writing my response to it. Will you all choose people you know or famous people?

I decided to nominate one famous person and a couple of people I know in real life.

Foster Parents

Several years ago, my brother and sister-in-law signed up to be foster parents. I won’t go into details about the children they looked after for confidentiality reasons, but I’m so proud of my relatives for the excellent care they provided for the little people who needed a safe place to call home for a while. Foster children deserve families who truly love and cherish them, and that’s exactly what my relatives did for their kids whether those kids stayed a few days, a few months, or forever.

Photo of Malala Yousafzai wearing a green dress and a purple headscarf Malala Yousafzai

I’m sure you’ve all heard Malala’s story already, but I’ll quickly summarize it just in case.

In 2012, she was shot in the head by a member of the Taliban in retaliation for writing blog posts about her experiences living under their rule in Pakistan and advocating for the education of women and girls.

Malala miraculously recovered fully from that injury and has spent the last nine years advocating for everyone’s right to an education.

I also admire her commitment to non-violence and forgiveness. While she has never shied away from speaking the truth and attempting to make the world a better place, her empathy for her attackers is astounding.


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14 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: People Who Inspire Me

  1. I absolutely loved I am Malala. She is a hero of our days.

    My husband’s cousins have been fostering children all their lives after their mother had fostered a little Turkish boy from the village whose mother was seriously ill. You are right, those are true heroes, as well.

    Another young woman I really admire is Greta Thunberg. She is so brave.

    • Good for your husband’s cousins. What a nice thing for them to do.

      And, yeah, Greta Thunberg is right up there with Malala. They’re both quite admirable.

      • Thanks, Lydia. I just saw that you replied but I never received a message that you did. So, now I wonder, how often I should have heard from you and replied and didn’t. So sorry, will have to watch that in future.

        • That happens sometimes for people who comment on my blog, and I have no idea why.

          If I find a solution for it, I’ll let you know! I do respond to everyone who comments here. 🙂

  2. Foster parents is an excellent choice. They are so needed. Malala and Greta are so impressive, especially because they are so young, and yet have already changed the world.

  3. I love your picks this week! I have always wanted to look into fostering, but I have medical issues that make handling my day-to-day life difficult, so until those get better treatment I don’t have the ability to take on more and give what is needed. But I have so much admiration and gratitude for those who do. Thanks for reminding me that I still need to read Malala’s book! She and Greta are both wonderful picks for this week!

  4. Those are great answers. Your choices all make the world a better place!

  5. That’s awesome they decided to take in kids. Very cool.

  6. Foster parents are a great choice.

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