Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Share Your Morning (or Bedtime) Rituals

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A white bowl filled with oatmeal and blueberries. My morning ritual is a stable one.

First, I make some oatmeal with almond butter and chia seeds ( or some other healthy source of protein and fat depending on recent grocery store sales), almond milk, and frozen fruit.  I microwave the fruit to warm it up and I weigh myself while everything cooks

While I’m eating breakfast, I log into Duolingo and practice Spanish for about five minutes.

Once breakfast is finished, I do half an hour of some sort of exercise.

Depending on the day, it might be strength training, yoga, dancing, or jogging/ walking in place inside. It’s dark outside in the morning now, and the streets are often slick with snow or ice as well.

I strongly prefer morning workouts because they get my blood pumping and wake up my mind for the day. It’s also nice to check that box off of your to-do list. With sunset happening so early at this time of the year and the cold, slippery conditions popping up outside as autumn turns into winter, it can be really hard to convince myself to exercise after dark when I’m sleepy. So this way I don’t have to exercise again at night if I don’t want to.

Barbells lined up together. A shower is generally necessary after my workout, so that happens along with brushing my teeth, changing clothes, etc.

And then I turn on my light therapy lamp and begin my workday, so what happens after that depends on my schedule for that particular day.





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14 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: Share Your Morning (or Bedtime) Rituals

  1. My morning routine is pretty much the same as yours. I wake up between 3 and 4 am. Food, blog hop, exercise, shower, work. That’s it. Not too exciting. 🙂

  2. Sometimes I cheat on my diet with oatmeal, only regular, not flavored or instant with only butter and milk. Even then my blood sugar goes through the roof.

  3. What a healthy and energetic morning routine! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tammy Schoch

    Very methodical. Impressive.

  5. Hi!! Thank you for helping me find your awesome post!! I love your routine!! I honestly want to get some workout time in at a set time. Right now, I hardly do it! I am lazy in the morning and I get tired at night! When I do it, its in the middle of the day and I always shower afterwards. I dirty another set of clothes uggh!! New year, new habits!! I hope to remember your routine! Thanks for sharing

  6. You’re so disciplined! I’m impressed. I TRY to get into exercise routines, but I never stick with them because I really DON’T want to exercise even though I KNOW I should. *Sigh*


  7. I’m impressed that you use Duolingo. I used to but gave up in the end.

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