Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: What I Would Do With a Million Dollars

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My response to this week’s prompt is going to be much shorter than it was last week.

What would I do with a million dollars? I’d immediately invest it in mutual funds, bonds, or some other type of investment that was reasonably certain to pay off.

Becoming wealthy wouldn’t be a goal.  Rather, I’d want to cultivate as much free time as possible. With a steady and modest source of income, I could then spend my days doing projects that truly interested me without thinking about how to pay for them.

First, I’d return to university and take some courses. Don’t ask me what my major would be. I don’t know yet! It would be wonderful to explore various avenues and find out what most interests me, though.

While attending school, I’d try to work or volunteer in something related to my major a few hours a week. It would be really interesting to combine my love of literature with some sort of volunteer or paid work after that, although I’d be very open to other possibilities, too.

The nice  thing about studying when you have a guaranteed, lifelong source of income is that you don’t have to have it all figured out right away. You can take your time and build something truly incredible.

Once I was mostly* finished studying, I’d want to begin teaching other people the stuff I’d learned in individual or small group settings. Since I would already have a steady income to rely on, I could charge them based on their income and give away plenty of free lessons to people who truly couldn’t afford to pay anything. There’s something really interesting to me about figuring out the best way to show someone how to master a new task, and I love socializing one-on-one or in small groups. Those are both things I could do for many years without growing bored of them.

* I won’t completely stop studying new things for as long as I’m alive. I love learning new stuff!

How about all of you?


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20 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: What I Would Do With a Million Dollars

  1. I absolutely love this idea! It’s about what I would want for my kids if I had a million dollars to put in a trust for them. So they would still have to work, but could work at what they wanted to do! My post is here:

  2. I love what you’d do with the cash – financial freedom to explore you life and what you truly want to do in this world is a lofty goal – BRAVA!

  3. Hey Lydia, you sure have some good ideas and…I know you would always use your “bucks” intelligently. That’s because I agree with you 100%, there always has to be learning. If a person ever thought they’d learned it all life would be pretty horrid wouldn’t it?

    And by the way, like me, you probably only figured out how to use maybe 50% of your money. I think we’re better savers than spenders, huh? That’s a good thing.

    Here’s my blog. Thanks for visiting.

    • Yes, absolutely. You’re welcome. And you’re right that my plans wouldn’t use up all of the money. I’d need to donate some of it to charity or something. There are so few things I need that I don’t already own or can borrow when necessary!

  4. Good ideas for using your cash. I wish I could go back to school and just go to go, but I don’t have that million dollars, either. lol!

  5. Money really does buy freedom (not happiness, that’s something you have to get all by yourself). I think that’s why most folks want to be wealthy–not for STUFF, but for the freedom it affords. And I’m with you on learning. I don’t think you can ever have too much knowledge!

  6. Your answers are really practical–it sounds like you wouldn’t run out of money fast and you’d definitely get to enjoy that million dollars for the rest of your life. Good answers!

  7. Awesome. I love the idea of being able to make a difference doing something I love and being financially comfortable enough to do it, including going back to school and studying things I enjoy.

  8. I love your answer. It would be wonderful to be able to go back to school and just take whatever classes I was interested in without the financial burden.

  9. Echo Ishii

    I admire you for wanting to take more courses. I love learning. I can’t imagine not wanting to

  10. I love the idea of studying. I love to learn new things, but it’s expensive.

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