Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: What Sparks My Creativity

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A lightbulb with little metal arms that's plugging itself into the wall How has this year passed by so quickly? It seems like 2021 just began.

Here are some of the things that spark my creativity.

Quiet Time Alone. That is to say, I must be alone and in a quiet environment. Just one of these two things is nice and can go some of the way to refilling my introverted needs, but I need both for my creative juices to really start flowing.

No Pressure. The more freedom I give myself to write whatever I want, the more I can get written.

Amusing News Stories. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes. Why not use it as the basis of a new story?

Kernels of Truth. A lot of what I write is inspired by true events. Someone who has known me for years might pick out a scene, a setting, or a snippet of  a conversation from something that actually happened, but all of the scenes before and after it will be pure fiction.

Justice. Real life isn’t always a fair or just place by any means, so I find comfort in generally making things turn out all right in the end in the worlds I create. What makes this interesting is that some of the books I read do not follow this same pattern at all! I think there’s plenty of room for all sorts of tales in our world.



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16 Responses to Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge: What Sparks My Creativity

  1. The year has flown by. I create best in quiet spaces too. I find music, which so many swear by, distracting.

  2. I’m with you on quiet spaces. I create best in those as well. I also believe that truth is stranger than fiction. Some pretty strange things have happened in our world. That’s for sure. 🙂

  3. My college roommate used to say she would never let the truth stand in the way of a good story. When she would describe incidents we would both be in, they were always way more exciting… and I loved it.

  4. I prefer quiet spaces also. And wow, seems like it was summertime just yesterday!

  5. I frequently write while playing music (though generally music without lyrics) but I also find that I need a certain amount of quiet and solitude to get to the point where I’m ready to be creative.

  6. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by either! And I agree about alone time. It definitely helps with my creativity. That and justice as well- I feel the same way, I WANT things to turn out right ha ha!

  7. I agree with you on justice. It may not always be realistic but I like to make things turn out right.

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